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Any advice for dealing with cravings for unhealthy foods when I'm stressed or emotional?

Hi everyone,

I've been struggling a lot with emotional eating lately, especially when I'm stressed or feeling down. I find myself reaching for unhealthy snacks and desserts as a way to cope with my feelings. This has led to some unhealthy habits and weight gain, which is causing me even more stress.

I really want to break this cycle and start making healthier choices, but I'm finding it difficult to resist cravings for unhealthy foods. Does anyone have any advice or tips for dealing with cravings during emotional times? How can I manage my stress and emotions without turning to food?

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions!

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Hi everyone,

I was in a similar position as you and found that the key to overcoming my emotional eating was to dig deeper and understand why I was always tempted to fulfill my cravings with unhealthy foods.

I realized that I was dealing with a lot of deep-seated emotions that needed to be addressed. This meant changing my pattern of thinking and dealing with the roots of my stress.

When I found myself reaching for the junk food, I started taking deep breaths to calm myself, and I would pause and take a moment to ask myself why I was feeling that way. By understanding my emotions and dealing with them head-on, instead of avoiding them with unhealthy eating, I found that the cravings would subside.

In addition, I started incorporating healthier foods into my day-to-day meals. I found that the more nutritious the meals were, the less inclined I was to crave unhealthy snacks. And when I did indulge in a treat, I didn't feel guilty about it.

Finally, I avoided keeping any unhealthy snacks at home or at my workplace. When the healthy options are readily available, it was a lot easier to stay disciplined.

Hope that helps!



Dealing with cravings for unhealthy foods is a struggle, especially when stress and emotions kick in. One of the things that have helped me is to train my mind to focus on the long term. Instead of just focussing on the present moment and giving into the cravings, I remind myself of the goals I have set for myself in terms of health and fitness.

Another thing that has helped me is to learn how to cook delicious and healthy meals. I found that when I started to make better choices and incorporate more wholesome foods into my diet, the cravings for unhealthy snacks started to decrease.

Furthermore, having a workout routine or a set of exercises that I genuinely enjoy has also been an effective way to deal with stress and the temptation to snack unhealthily. After finishing my work out, I feel refreshed, and the idea of snacking on unhealthy food doesn't appeal as much.

In summary, it takes a bit of time and patience to break habits that lead to emotional eating, but with small changes, a supportive network of friends and family, and constant practice, it's possible to make healthier choices and feel great about it.


Hi there,

I used to have the same issue with emotional eating, but I found that keeping healthy snacks on hand helped me to resist temptation. For example, when I'm feeling stressed or emotional, I'll reach for a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts instead of something sugary or high in fat.

In addition, I've learned to tune into my emotions and recognize when I'm reaching for food out of stress or boredom. Instead of eating, I'll try going for a walk, practicing some deep breathing or meditation, or doing something else to distract myself from the negative feelings.

Finally, I've found that meal planning and having healthy options readily available has been a game-changer. When I plan out my meals for the week and have healthy snacks and meals prepped and ready to go, I'm much less likely to reach for junk food.

I hope these tips help - remember, you're not alone in this struggle and there are ways to overcome emotional eating habits!


Hello all,

I used to turn to junk food when I was feeling down, but I found that journaling my emotions helped me stay in control. Writing down what I'm feeling, my worries, and even my accomplishments helps me clear my mind and deal with whatever is bothering me in the moment.

In addition, I try to remind myself of my fitness goals and how eating junk food will hinder my progress. I also keep my health in mind and try to focus on how the unhealthy food will make me feel after I eat it.

Another thing that helps me is to make sure I have a supportive circle of friends and family to go to when I feel down. Sometimes just talking to someone who cares about me can help me deal with stress without resorting to food.

I hope these tips help others who may be struggling with emotional eating as well. Let's all work towards a healthy and happy life!

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