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Any advice for staying motivated and committed to my weight loss goals in the long run?

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well. I am looking for some advice on how I can stay motivated and committed to my weight loss goals in the long run. I have tried multiple diets and exercise routines in the past, but I always end up losing motivation after a few weeks or months, and eventually, I go back to my unhealthy habits.

I am currently 30 years old and obese. My doctor has advised me to lose weight as I am at risk of developing several health issues such as diabetes, heart diseases, and high blood pressure. I have also noticed that my weight affects my self-esteem and confidence, and I find it challenging to participate in physical activities or wear the clothes I like.

I am determined to make a change and lose weight, but I am afraid that I will lose motivation and give up again. I would appreciate any advice or tips that have helped you to stay motivated and committed to your weight loss journey for an extended period.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hello everyone,

When it comes to staying motivated and committed to weight loss, I have found that creating a routine has been the most helpful for me. Instead of viewing weight loss as an irregular or crash diet, I create a regimen that I can stick to every day.

I plan out my meals a week in advance and ensure that I have enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins for that week. Doing this makes it easier for me to avoid unhealthy foods and not be tempted to reach for unhealthy snacks. Additionally, having a solid meal plan gives me a sense of control over my eating habits.

When it comes to exercise, I have found that scheduling time for it makes a difference. I add it to my daily calendar or checklist, just like any other work or errands on my to-do list. This way, I ensure that I make time for it, no matter how busy my day may be. Once I have gotten into the habit, it becomes easier to ensure that it gets done, even if it means waking up earlier or setting time aside after work.

I try to make my routine something that I genuinely enjoy, something that fits my lifestyle, instead of following someone else's routine. That way, I don't get bored, and it’s more sustainable.

Incorporating these habits into your everyday routine can make a difference in the long run. Consistency is key to achieving your weight loss goals, and creating a healthy and sustainable routine is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

I hope these suggestions help you on your weight loss journey. Stay motivated and most importantly, stay committed.


Hi there,

I can completely relate to your struggle with staying committed to weight loss goals. I have faced the same issue numerous times in the past. However, I have finally found a way to stay motivated in the long run.

One thing that has helped me immensely is setting achievable goals. Instead of aiming to lose a large amount of weight in a short period, I set small goals every week or month. This has not only made it easier for me to stay motivated but has also helped me to track my progress effectively.

Additionally, I have started to follow a more sustainable diet and exercise routine. I avoid fad diets that promise quick results as I have found them to be unsustainable and unhealthy. Instead, I focus on incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and protein into my meals and avoid processed and high-fat foods. For exercise, I do activities that I genuinely enjoy, like dancing or hiking, instead of forcing myself to do workouts that I don't like.

Finally, I remind myself of the benefits of losing weight whenever I feel demotivated. Losing weight has improved my energy levels, overall health, and self-confidence, and this motivates me to continue on this journey.

I hope these tips help you on your weight loss journey. Remember, progress happens gradually, and setting sustainable goals and a healthy routine can help you stay motivated in the long run.



I had the same issue as you, and I understand how frustrating it can be to lose motivation halfway through. However, I found that one thing has helped me to stay motivated and committed to my weight loss goals in the long run: accountability.

What worked for me was finding a group of people who had similar goals and aspirations as mine. We created a group chat where we shared our weekly progress, struggles, and successes. We also made a pact to keep each other accountable for our actions. This meant that we would regularly check in with each other to ensure that we were sticking to our diet and exercise routines.

Moreover, I found it essential to have a support system around me. I told my friends and family about my weight loss journey, and they were incredibly supportive. They would remind me of my goals whenever I felt demotivated and would celebrate my achievements with me.

Another thing that helped me stay motivated was tracking my progress. I took before and after pictures of myself and also tracked my weight and measurements regularly. Seeing the changes in my body was a great motivator to keep going.

Lastly, it's essential to be kind to yourself. Losing weight is not easy, and we're all going to have setbacks along the way. Whenever I fell off track, I reminded myself that it's okay to make mistakes, and all that matters is that I continue to make progress towards my goals.

I hope that these tips help you on your weight loss journey. Remember, it's not just about losing weight; it's about creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Hey there,

I completely understand where you're coming from as I have also struggled with staying motivated and committed to my weight loss goals. What has helped me to stay motivated in the long run is by setting up a rewards system for myself.

I began by identifying small milestones that I wanted to achieve, like consistently working out for a week, or losing a few pounds in a month. When I achieved each of these milestones, I would reward myself with something that I had been wanting - it could be anything from a new pair of sneakers, going to a spa, or buying a new book.

Having something positive to look forward to always made me push a little harder to reach my goals. It's important to note that the rewards should also be something that aligns with your weight loss journey. For instance, instead of rewarding yourself with a junk food binge, you could reward yourself with a relaxing day of spa treatments or a mattress topper that helps with better sleep - these are things that support your overall well-being.

I found that this system helped me to remain motivated, and it felt great to celebrate the wins along the way. It's important to remember that, as with everything, balance is key. While rewards can help boost motivation, it's crucial not to go overboard and lose sight of the bigger picture - creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

I hope these suggestions help you in your weight loss journey. Remember, stay positive, stay strong, and you got this!

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