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Are there any effective ways to track and measure progress besides weighing myself regularly?

Hi everyone,

I have been working hard to reach my fitness goals by following a strict diet and exercising regularly. However, I have noticed that weighing myself regularly is not giving me a clear picture of my progress. I have been losing inches off my waist, but my weight hasn't changed much.

I am looking for any effective ways to track and measure progress other than weighing myself regularly. I want to keep a track of my progress to stay motivated and ensure that I am on the right track.

Can anyone suggest some alternatives that have worked for them? Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Hi there,

I completely understand the frustration that comes with tracking progress only through weighing oneself. In my experience, I have found that setting specific, measurable goals and tracking my progress towards them has been a more effective method.

For example, one of my goals was to complete a 5k run within a certain time frame. To track my progress, I created a running log where I recorded the distance I ran, how long it took me, and how I felt during the run. This allowed me to analyze my performance and make adjustments to my training routine.

In addition, I like to do progress pictures, taken from different angles, to see the changes in my body composition. I believe seeing these changes has motivated me and helped me push harder in the gym.

Lastly, I found it helpful to keep a pulse on my mental attitude toward my fitness journey. Tracking my mindset through writing in a journal or a mental development app/document kept me in check with the reason why I am undergoing the fitness journey and helped me be motivated even during hard times.

In conclusion, tracking progress by setting specific goals, recording and analyzing data daily, taking progress pictures, and tracking your mental attitude can be more effective than solely relying on weight progress.


Hey there,

I can definitely relate to your struggle. I've also noticed that tracking progress solely by weighing myself hasn't been very helpful in the past. What has worked for me is taking progress photos. Every few weeks, I take a photo of myself from the front, side, and back to see if there are any changes in my body shape. This method has helped me notice changes that I may have missed if I were just relying on the scale.

Another thing I've tried is tracking my workouts. I keep a notebook and write down what exercises I did, how many reps I completed, and how much weight I lifted. Then, every week, I try to increase the weight or reps to challenge myself. This method has helped me see how much stronger I'm getting over time.

Lastly, I use a tape measure to measure different parts of my body, such as my waist, thighs, and arms. This has been a helpful way to track inches lost and gain a better understanding of my progress.

Hope these suggestions help you out!


Hello there,

I understand your concern as I had also faced the same issue. For me, weighing regularly did not help me understand my progress path, so I decided to switch to tracking my water intake. I noticed that the more water I drank, the better I felt and the more energized I became. Water intake tracking helped me to realise the importance of hydration and its effect on reaching my fitness goals.

Likewise, I started tracking my sleep using a Fitbit, which helped me to monitor my sleep patterns, including the time I slept, awake time and my sleep stages. This method allowed me to understand the importance of good quality sleep and its positive impact on the body.

Finally, I started to measure my body fat percentage with a caliper. This method gave me additional information about my body health status, which enabled me to get a more accurate outcome that the scale couldn't provide.

In summary, tracking water intake, sleep, and body fat percentage can be alternative methods to monitor your progress and guide you in your fitness journey.



Measuring progress through weight loss can be frustrating as it doesn't always give an accurate picture of your overall progress. I prefer to track progress using a combination of measurements and how I feel. Firstly, I use a tape measure to measure my waist, hips, and chest every couple of weeks. This can give me a better indication of my progress as my body shape changes, even if my weight remains the same.

Additionally, I use a heart rate monitor to track the intensity of my workouts. This helps me understand if I'm pushing myself enough or if I need to work harder to achieve my goals.

Finally, I pay close attention to how I feel, both physically and emotionally. Am I feeling stronger? Do I have more energy and stamina? Am I sleeping better? These intangible indicators can be just as important as the more tangible measurements.

In summary, tracking progress through measurements, heart rate, and how you feel can help you gain a more holistic view of your progress towards your fitness goals. I hope this helps!


Hi everyone,

I completely agree with the alternative methods suggested so far. In addition to those, I personally found that tracking my daily activity levels through a fitness tracker like a Fitbit also helped me track my progress. The tracker gave me data on my step count, calories burnt, and active minutes throughout the day.

Furthermore, I found that keeping a food journal helped me to track my eating habits better. I used an app to log the food I ate, the portion size, and the calories consumed. By doing this, I could ensure that I was on track with my diet and make changes if required. It also made me more aware of my food choices and encouraged me to make healthier ones.

Lastly, I tried taking progress videos of my workouts. By filming my workouts, I could better assess my form and look for areas for improvement. Additionally, it provided a visual record of my progress and helped me stay motivated by seeing how far I've come.

Overall, I found that a combination of the above methods helped me to track my progress efficiently and allowed me to achieve my fitness goals. I hope this helps!

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