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Are there any mobile apps that can track daily steps and provide motivating feedback when needed?

Hi everyone,

I am on a journey towards improving my fitness levels and staying active throughout the day. I have been reading a lot about the importance of walking at least 10,000 steps a day, and I want to make sure I am keeping track of my movement to achieve this goal.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any mobile apps that can track daily steps and provide motivating feedback when needed? I would love to have something that helps me stay on track, reminds me to take breaks when I have been sitting for too long, and offers encouragement when I need it.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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Greetings everyone,

To answer this question, I would like to suggest the "MyFitnessPal" app. Although it is primarily used for tracking calorie intake, it also has a built-in step tracker feature that accurately records your daily steps. It syncs with other fitness apps as well, like Google Fit and Fitbit, in case you use them.

What I like about the app is the feature that allows you to set customized goals and target specific areas of the body to work on. Whenever I reach my daily step goal, it gives me a virtual high-five, which is quite motivating to achieve it daily. The app also provides you with graphs, diagrams, and comparative statistics to track your progress.

With the app's comprehensive food database, I can easily log my meals, drinks, and snacks. It also has an excellent recipe import feature, which is useful whenever I'm cooking at home. Besides the step tracker, it also tracks my water intake, sleep, and exercise routine, making it an all-in-one fitness and wellness app.

Overall, MyFitnessPal is an ideal app for those who prioritize tracking their nutrition and physical activity in one place. Whether you aim to lose, gain or maintain your weight, this app can prove to be a great tool to accomplish fitness goals.


Hey there!

I've been using the Google Fit app on my Android phone for a while, and I think it's a fantastic app for tracking my daily steps and keeping me motivated.

It syncs with my phone's sensors to automatically track my movement throughout the day, without requiring me to start and stop any tracking manually. The app keeps track of my steps taken, miles covered, and calories burned. It also provides me with graphs and charts that give me a clear visual of my daily progress.

One of the features I really love about Google Fit is the "Heart Points" system. It gives me points for any moderate intensity exercise like walking or climbing stairs. I get a rush when I collect heart points and see my progress towards the target for the day. Besides all these, the app's integration with my Android Watch is also a big plus, as it shows me my progress on my wristwatch.

Overall, I think Google Fit is a comprehensive app for tracking your daily activity and providing the motivation you need to stay active. If you're looking for a more detailed view of your overall health and fitness, then Google Fit is definitely worth checking out.


Hi all,

I would like to suggest the "Accupedo Pedometer" app, which has been my go-to step-tracking app for a while now. What sets this app apart from others is that it is very accurate in recording steps, thanks to the unique algorithm used to detect steps taken from each of your steps.

The app has a simple interface, making it easy and convenient to use. I can customize the settings to manage my settings and track my progress accordingly. The app also has a battery-saving feature, so I don't worry about the drain on my phone battery while using it.

The app provides notifications reminding me to get up and move when I've been sitting for an extended period. It also keeps a record of my daily step count, distance covered, and calories burned, displayed in easy-to-read graphs and charts. Additionally, the app provides me with feedback and motivation when I achieve personal goals and hit step landmarks.

Overall, I recommend the Accupedo Pedometer app to anyone looking for a reliable and accurate step-tracking app that's easy to use, gives feedback when needed, and helps you stay active and maintain healthy habits.


Hi there,

I have been using an app called "StepCounter & Pedometer" for the past few months, and it has been really helpful in tracking my steps and motivating me to stay active. It's a free app that I downloaded from the Google Play Store, and it's been working really well for me.

One of the things I like about this app is that it provides daily and weekly reports that show me how many steps I have taken each day and how that compares to my overall goal. It also gives me reminders throughout the day to make sure that I am staying active and building up my steps.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who is looking to stay on top of their fitness goals and make sure that they are getting enough movement throughout the day. It's easy to use, provides helpful feedback, and best of all, it's free!

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