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Besides exercise, what other habits are beneficial for keeping fit such as proper rest and relaxation techniques?

Hey everyone, I have been trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a while now, but I feel like I am missing out on some important habits that can keep me fit apart from exercising. I have recently started working out regularly, but I want to know what other things can I add to my routine for maximal health benefits. I also struggle with getting enough sleep and feeling relaxed, so any tips on how to achieve proper rest and relaxation techniques would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to your responses!

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Hey, I can totally relate to your struggle in maintaining a healthy lifestyle apart from exercise. What has worked for me is incorporating yoga into my daily routine. It not only helps me with my flexibility and strength but also makes me feel relaxed and calm. Additionally, I started practicing mindfulness meditation which has been great in reducing my stress levels and increasing my focus.

In terms of sleep, I found that creating a consistent sleep schedule and winding down before bed has helped me a lot. This means no screens or stimulating activities before bed and instead, creating a relaxing bedtime routine. I also invested in a comfortable mattress and pillows for better quality sleep.

Hope these tips help you too!


Hey there, I can definitely relate to your struggle in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Apart from exercise, I have found that drinking enough water has been beneficial for my overall health. I try to drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily and carry around a refillable water bottle to remind myself to stay hydrated.

For relaxation techniques, I like to take a hot bath with Epsom salt and essential oils. It helps me to unwind after a long day and also promotes better sleep. Additionally, I try to incorporate stretching into my daily routine to keep my muscles and joints flexible.

In terms of getting proper sleep, I have realized that keeping a sleep diary has helped me to track my sleep patterns and make necessary adjustments. It helps me identify triggers that might interfere with my sleep and develop a routine that works for me.

Hope these tips help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle beyond exercising!


Hi there, I completely understand your struggle in keeping a healthy lifestyle. One habit that has helped me stay fit apart from exercising is by having a balanced diet. It's important to consume a variety of foods from different food groups in the right proportions to maintain optimal health. I try to incorporate at least one serving of fruits and vegetables in every meal, and opt for lean protein sources and whole grains.

Another habit that has helped me is setting realistic, achievable goals. For instance, I started with small, attainable fitness goals and gradually increased it over time. This helped me stay motivated and focused on my fitness journey without getting overwhelmed.

In terms of rest and relaxation techniques, I found that listening to calming music or practicing deep breathing exercises can be really helpful. I also make sure to minimize screen time before bed, and instead, read a book or practice gentle yoga poses to help me unwind and sleep better.

Hope these tips help you in achieving a healthy lifestyle apart from exercise!


Hello there! I can totally relate to your struggle in maintaining a healthy lifestyle beyond exercise. One habit that has worked wonders for me is maintaining a positive mindset. I surround myself with positive people, read inspirational books, and practice gratitude daily. It has helped me to stay motivated, content, and happy.

Another important habit for staying fit apart from exercise is getting outdoors and being in nature. Whether it's a hike in the woods or a walk on the beach, being outside in nature can restore mental fatigue and provide a sense of calm.

In terms of relaxation techniques, I found that aromatherapy can be very effective. I use essential oils such as lavender or peppermint in a diffuser or as a body lotion to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Additionally, taking a warm bath with epsom salts or lighting candles can help create a soothing atmosphere that aids in relaxation.

Hope these tips help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle beyond exercise!

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