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Can anyone recommend some good books, blogs, or podcasts on fitness and healthy living?

Hi everyone,

I am new to the world of fitness and healthy living, and I am looking for some resources to guide me on my journey. I want to learn about different workout routines, nutrition tips, and overall wellness habits.

Can anyone recommend some good books, blogs, or podcasts that have been helpful to you in your own fitness and healthy living journey? I am open to any topics and perspectives, as long as they are informative and engaging.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Hello there,

As someone who has been hitting the gym regularly for the past few years, I've found some great resources that have helped me achieve my fitness goals.

One book that I highly recommend is "Bigger Leaner Stronger" by Mike Matthews. The book is an excellent guide for those who are looking to get in shape, build muscle, and achieve a more aesthetic physique, all while staying healthy. They also include practical exercise and diet tips that are easy to follow, making it a great choice for those who are new to the world of fitness.

As for podcasts, I recently discovered "FoundMyFitness" hosted by Dr. Rhonda Patrick. The podcast deals with various topics such as nutrition, exercise, supplements, and overall wellness. What I love about this podcast is that it is highly informative, backed by scientific research and provides practical tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lastly, for workout routines, I always recommend FitnessBliss. It's an excellent online tool that has an exclusive catalog of exercises with detailed steps, cues, and videos. You can create a custom workout plan based on your fitness goals, and it will suggest the most effective exercises to achieve them.

I hope you find these resources helpful in your own fitness and healthy living journey. Keep pushing yourself, and you'll soon hit your goals!


Hey there! As someone who has struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I have found a few resources that have been incredibly useful to help guide my fitness journey.

One book that I would definitely recommend is "Atomic Habits" by James Clear. It deals with building healthy habits that can lead to a better overall lifestyle. It's helped me to identify what was holding me back from making some necessary changes and provided practical advice on how to make those changes a permanent fixture in my life.

In terms of podcasts, I've been enjoying the "Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth" podcast. The hosts are knowledgeable and provide excellent insights and tips on topics such as weightlifting, nutrition, and overall wellness.

Lastly, for workout routines, I have found great resources on Instagram. Fitbunnyjill is one trainer that I love to follow because they provide a range of workouts that range from high-intensity to low-impact, which is excellent for beginners like me.

I hope this gives you some helpful ideas to embark on your own fitness journey!



I am someone who has been interested in fitness and healthy living for years and have found several resources that I highly recommend.

I highly recommend the blog "Nerd Fitness" which focuses on making fitness accessible to people from all walks of life, regardless of age and fitness levels with their gamification of fitness. They often publish in-depth workout routines, nutritious food, and inspirational stories from those who have transformed their bodies and lives.

Another excellent resource is "The Model Health Show" podcast hosted by Shawn Stevenson. He's a renowned nutritionist and fitness expert who has a wealth of knowledge on a variety of health and lifestyle topics. I love this podcast as it is highly informative, backed by scientific research, and also has a great sense of humor.

Finally, for a more holistic approach to healthy living, I'd recommend looking into the "Bulletproof Radio" podcast. They cover everything from traditional nutrition and fitness topics to bio-hacks and new scientific advancements in the field.

I hope that these resources will help you find the motivation and guidance to achieve your fitness and wellness goals!


Hi there! As someone who is passionate about fitness and healthy living, I have found a few resources that have been incredibly helpful to me over the years.

Firstly, for workout routines, I highly recommend checking out the Fitness Blender YouTube channel. They offer a wide range of workouts, from strength training to cardio, and their trainers provide clear instructions and modifications for different fitness levels.

For nutrition tips and recipes, I love following the Minimalist Baker blog. They offer delicious and healthy plant-based recipes that are easy to make, as well as helpful articles on nutrition and wellness.

Lastly, for overall wellness habits, I have been listening to the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast. Gretchen shares tips and insights about how to cultivate happiness and live a more fulfilling life, which includes topics such as exercise, mindfulness, and relationships.

I hope you find these resources helpful on your own fitness and healthy living journey!

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