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Can stress cause weight gain? If so, how do I combat it?

Hey guys, I am really worried about my weight gain and I believe it might be caused by stress. Lately, I have been dealing with a lot of work pressure and personal issues which have been taking a toll on my mental health. I have noticed that I am constantly craving junk food and binge-eating, even when I am not hungry. I have put on a lot of weight in the past few weeks and it's affecting my confidence and self-esteem. I am wondering if anyone has experienced something similar? Can stress really be a cause of weight gain? And if yes, how can I combat it? I am looking for some effective tips and tricks to manage my stress and control my food cravings. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi there, I can certainly say that stress has caused weight gain for me in the past. When I feel overwhelmed, I find myself reaching for the easiest and most convenient options without considering their nutritional value. This usually means consuming a lot of processed foods, carbs, and sugar, which doesn't do wonders for my waistline.

To combat this, I actively prioritize my mental health by incorporating self-care routines into my day. This includes things like journaling, listening to music, and reading a book, which serve as a great distraction from negative thoughts and feelings. By taking care of my mental health, I find that it's easier to resist unhealthy cravings and stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Another trick that has helped me is mindful eating. This means paying attention to my food and indulging in it with full attention. By doing so, I have found that I enjoy eating more and also end up eating less. Additionally, I make sure to keep healthy snacks on hand like fresh fruits, vegetables, and hummus, so that I can satiate my hunger without causing any damage to my weight.

Lastly, a consistent workout routine has also helped me maintain my weight during times of high-stress. Exercise is an excellent way to manage stress and boost mood, making it easier for me to choose healthy options when I'm feeling anxious.

To conclude, I would say it's about finding what works best for you and sticking to it. By prioritizing your mental health, practicing mindful eating, and engaging in physical activity, you can combat stress-related weight gain and develop long-term healthy habits.


Hey there! I can totally relate to this. Stress has been the root cause of my weight gain for a long time. Whenever I get anxious, I find myself binge-eating and consuming excessive amounts of comfort food. I also find it difficult to motivate myself to exercise, which only adds to my weight gain.

To combat stress-related weight gain, I have found that setting small goals for myself and practicing consistency is key. I started incorporating small changes into my daily routine such as taking small walks after meals, drinking a lot of water, and opting for healthy snack options.

Additionally, I try to eliminate unhealthy and processed foods from my pantry so that I'm less tempted to crave them. I also make an effort to cook my meals at home, so that I can control the portion sizes and keep my calories in check.

Finally, I make sure to prioritize my mental and emotional health through regular therapy sessions and journaling. Through therapy, I have learned a lot about managing my stress and have found various techniques to alleviate anxiety.

In summary, to combat stress-related weight gain, I suggest adopting a holistic approach that addresses both emotional and physical aspects of the problem. With persistence and self-care, it's possible to break free from a cycle of unhealthy eating and find a healthier and happier state of being.


Hey there! I have definitely experienced stress-related weight gain in the past. Whenever I am going through a stressful period, I tend to crave unhealthy foods like pizza, chips, and candy. In addition, I find it harder to stick to my usual exercise routine, and often just want to collapse on the couch instead of getting in a good workout.

One thing that has helped me combat stress-related weight gain is to focus on stress management techniques. This includes things like deep breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, and relaxing activities like yoga or reading. Additionally, I try to keep healthy snacks on hand like fruits, raw veggies, and nuts, so that I can indulge my cravings without derailing my diet completely.

Another key aspect of managing stress-related weight gain is to get enough sleep. I find that when I'm stressed, it's harder to fall asleep at night and I end up feeling exhausted during the day. This, in turn, makes me crave sugary foods and skip my workout. By setting a consistent bedtime routine and making sure to get enough sleep, I find that I have more energy and am better able to resist my food cravings.

Overall, I think that the key to combatting stress-related weight gain is to prioritize self-care and stress management. By taking care of your mental health, you can also take care of your physical health and keep yourself feeling your best.


Hello, I can definitely say that stress has caused significant weight gain for me in the past. I am a stress eater and I find myself reaching for unhealthy food options whenever I am going through a challenging time. As a result, my weight has yo-yoed up and down with each significant life event.

However, I have found that practicing mindfulness and meditation have significantly helped me move away from my stress-induced eating patterns. Whenever I find myself feeling anxious or overwhelmed, I try to take a step back and remind myself that eating unhealthy foods will only make me feel better for a short period, and I will regret the consequences later on.

Another practice that has helped me manage my weight during stressful times is limiting my consumption of sugary drinks and soda. Instead, I opt for healthier options like water and herbal tea to stay hydrated and ease my anxiety.

Lastly, I make sure to set a structured routine for myself every day. This includes waking up early, following my daily to-do lists, and setting aside some time for myself in the evenings. This routine helps me stay organized and focused, making it easier for me to avoid stress-eating.

To sum it up, combating stress-related weight gain takes time, patience, and practice. But by setting healthy routines, practicing mindfulness, and staying hydrated, you can definitely move a step closer towards achieving your ideal weight and healthy lifestyle.


Hello, I completely relate to this question. Stress is one of the reasons why I put on weight. Whenever I'm under stress I can't seem to control my food cravings, especially unhealthy foods. In addition, when I'm busy and stressed out, it's easy for me to convince myself that I don't have time to work out or prepare healthy meals, which just leads to more weight gain.

I found that the best way to combat stress-related weight gain is to implement healthy habits into my life. For instance, I try to get up and exercise in the morning instead of scrolling through my phone first thing. This helps boost my mood and energy levels for the day.

Another habit that helps me manage stress is to take regular breaks and go for walks throughout the day. It helps me refocus my energy and clear my head, which makes me less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks. Water intake is also important to me, so I make an effort to stay hydrated by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Finally, thanks to technology, I use apps that track my daily activity and food intake, which serves as a reminder of my progress. Tracking my progress also helps me feel more accountable for my actions and motivates me to make healthier choices.

In conclusion, stress and weight gain are closely linked. However, following a healthy routine and making some lifestyle changes can make a significant difference. Stick to healthy habits and just try to do your best each day.

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