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Does dieting mean depriving yourself, or is it about finding balance between enjoying food while still keeping healthy?

Hey guys, I'm new to the whole fitness and health journey and I have some doubts about dieting. I hear a lot of people saying that dieting means depriving yourself of food that you love, but that seems really difficult to stick to. Is that really what dieting is about? Or can I still enjoy the food I love and find balance while keeping healthy? I want to make sure I'm doing this right and not sabotaging myself by setting unrealistic goals.

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Hello everyone, I used to think that losing weight was all about restricting yourself and eating only "clean" foods. I tried this approach, but it left me feeling drained and like I was missing out on some of the pleasure that eating can bring. It was a constant battle, and eventually, I gave up.

After that experience, I decided to change my approach completely. I started my journey by thinking of food in terms of nourishment instead of restriction. I didn't go for fad diets, instead aimed for a balanced diet focused on nutrient-dense foods, which I knew would fuel my body and make me feel good.

I found that planning was key to achieving this balance. I made a meal plan for the week and prepared meals at home, so healthy food was always available. I also began to experiment with healthy recipes and found many new foods I hadn't tried before.

Another change I made was to listen to my body more. Instead of eating to satisfy a craving, I began to eat when I was truly hungry and stopped when I was satisfied. This shift helped me to pay attention to my body's signals and ultimately reduce my portions.

Finally, I found exercising to be an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. I discovered exercises that I enjoyed, such as yoga and hiking, and made them a part of my routine. Not only did exercise help me physically, but it also helped uplift my mood.

To summarise, my best advice is to focus on healthy eating habits, listen to your body, and make small, sustainable changes that work for you. It's not a quick fix, but a long-term journey towards a healthier and happier you.


Hi everyone, I totally agree with user 1 that completely depriving yourself of food you love isn't sustainable. However, in my personal experience, finding a balance between enjoying food and staying healthy can also be quite challenging.

I've always struggled with maintaining a healthy weight and I found myself in a constant cycle of dieting and bingeing. I've learned that to lose weight and stay healthy, it's essential to focus on creating healthy habits instead of just dieting. It's about incorporating good food choices and exercise into your daily routine, which over time, will become a lifestyle.

Now, I'm not saying that you can't indulge every once in a while. But for me, it's all about moderation. I still have my favourite snacks or meals, but I budget them into my daily calorie limit, so I don't overindulge. And it's not just about watching what you eat; it's also crucial to incorporate physical activity into your routine. I started with short walks and gradually increased the duration and intensity of my workouts.

It has taken me some time to find the right balance, but I am finally at a point where I can enjoy my food and stay healthy. And, importantly not just in the short-term but the long-term. It's not a quick fix; it's a process, and it requires patience and consistency.


Hi there, I used to think that dieting meant cutting out all of the foods I loved and eating only low-calorie options. And like many, I found this approach unsustainable as I would end up craving and eventually eating the very foods I had restricted. It became apparent that it was necessary to find a balance that worked for me.

For me, it was all about setting achievable goals and making small changes that gradually added up. I started with simple swaps, such as replacing white bread with whole grain bread, and soda with water. I also began to prepare and cook more of my meals, which made it easy to choose healthier recipes and ingredients.

Another thing that helped me was to learn more about portion control. I still ate the foods I loved, but I stopped overindulging in them. Instead, I focused on enjoying the food without the guilt by paying attention to my fullness cues and stopping when I was full.

Slowly but surely, these changes became habits, and I found myself consistently making healthy choices without feeling like I was missing out. But then, life happens, and it's okay to indulge in your favorite foods or enjoy a special occasion, and returning to your healthy routine the next day.

To wrap up, I believe that dieting should be about finding balance, being kind to yourself and enjoying the journey of becoming healthier.


Hi everyone, I think it's crucial to approach dieting with a healthy mindset. For a long time, I struggled with body image issues, and I tried various forms of restrictive dieting. I would deprive myself of food I love, and it felt like a punishment. And despite losing weight, it didn't make me happy.

It wasn't until I started taking a holistic approach to my overall well-being that I truly found a sustainable way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To begin with, I learned about nutrition and made smart food choices that nourished my body. I focused on eating fresh, whole foods that kept me fuller for longer and gave me the nutrients I needed to maintain my energy levels.

Another thing that helped me was to change the way I viewed exercise. Instead of seeing it as a task or a way to burn off calories, I started to see it as something enjoyable that I could incorporate into my daily routine. I found activities like dancing, hiking and yoga – things that I genuinely enjoyed – and made them a regular part of my life.

Over time, I discovered that dieting wasn't about deprivation but was an opportunity to take care of myself physically, emotionally and mentally. It became less about the number on the scales and more about feeling good on the inside. And that has made all the difference.


Hello, everyone! As someone who has struggled with weight loss, I know how hard it can be to find a balance between restriction and enjoying food. At first, I tried every diet out there, hoping for quick results. But, like many, I realized that what I needed was a sustainable approach.

For me, this approach involved being more mindful about what I was eating. I started keeping a food diary to track my meals, snacks, and portion sizes. This helped me see patterns in my eating, such as times of the day I would feel tempted to snack, and I could take steps to change them.

I also found that planning was a huge help in terms of healthy eating. Instead of skipping meals or grabbing fast food, I prepared meals ahead of time that I could take to work or have on hand at home. This helped reduce the temptation to grab unhealthy options and prevented me from becoming too hungry, which could lead to overeating.

To pair with healthy eating habits, I found an exercise routine I enjoyed. For me, this was dance classes. I love to dance, and I was able to find a local studio that offered classes in different styles. Not only was it a fun form of exercise, but it also helped me make new friends.

To sum up, what worked for me was finding an approach that was sustainable and enjoyable, rather than one that was based solely on restriction. By tracking my food intake and finding an enjoyable exercise routine, I was able to make gradual changes that led to sustainable weight loss over time.


As someone who has been on diets before, I can say that completely depriving yourself of food you enjoy is not a sustainable approach. I've tried it and I always ended up giving up on the diet because it felt like torture. For me, finding a balance was the key to success. I started by making small changes in my diet like reducing my sugar intake and eating more fruits and vegetables. I also did not restrict myself completely from eating my favourite foods but instead, I moderated the portions and frequency of consuming them.

Another thing that helped me was finding healthier versions of the food I love. For example, instead of eating fried chicken, I would bake it with some healthy ingredients. It is all about making small but meaningful lifestyle changes instead of taking extreme measures that you cannot stick to in the long run.

It has been a gradual process for me, but I have seen positive changes in my health and overall well-being. So, in conclusion, dieting shouldn't mean completely depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy. Instead, it's about finding a balance that works for your lifestyle and helps you achieve your goals.


Hi guys, I've tried various dieting methods throughout my life, from fad diets to crash diets to liquid diets. None of them worked for me. I always ended up either gaining the weight back or feeling mentally exhausted from the restrictions.

Eventually, I realized that dieting should not be about making huge changes overnight but rather should be about making sustainable lifestyle changes. I started small by adding more vegetables and fruits to my diet, cutting down on processed foods, and reducing my portion sizes.

The biggest change I made was to become more conscious of what I was eating and when. Previously, I would eat mindlessly, snacking throughout the day without realizing how much I was consuming. So, I started practicing mindful eating, which helped me control my portions, and avoid mindless snacking.

Another thing that worked for me was to make exercise a part of my daily routine. I realized that I didn't have to do a full-blown workout every day but that even 20 minutes of exercise could make a difference. I started with simple things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, going for a walk during my lunch break, or doing a quick workout routine in the morning.

Overall, I found success with dieting by combining small but significant lifestyle changes. I didn't deprive myself of the foods I loved but instead, learned to enjoy those foods in moderation. In the end, it's about finding what works for you and your body and sticking to it.

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