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How can I motivate myself to exercise regularly and stay on track with my fitness goals?

Hi everyone,

Lately, I have been struggling to motivate myself to exercise regularly and stay on track with my fitness goals. I used to be quite active and fit but due to a busy work schedule and pandemic-related restrictions, I have found it difficult to maintain a regular exercise routine.

I have tried setting reminders, scheduling workouts, and even joining a gym but nothing seems to work for me. I often feel demotivated and end up skipping workouts or indulging in unhealthy food habits.

I really want to get back on track and lead a healthy and active lifestyle but I am not sure what else I can do to motivate myself. Any tips or suggestions on how I can stay motivated and committed to my fitness goals would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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Hello! I have found getting outside for exercise regularly can help me stay motivated. Instead of going to the gym, I started going for walks, hikes, and bike rides on nearby trails. I found being in nature and experiencing the fresh air helped me feel invigorated and energized.

Another tip that worked for me was setting an achievable yet challenging fitness goal, such as signing up for a 5K race. Working towards a goal helped me stay motivated, and I enjoyed the accomplishment of completing the race and achieving my target.

Finally, I found it beneficial to have a routine that suited my lifestyle. As a working mother, finding time for daily exercise can be challenging. Therefore, I scheduled my workouts early mornings, which worked perfectly for me as I had peace of mind that I had already accomplished my goal for the day.

Setting aside some time to indulge in post-workout relaxation activities like taking a hot bath or stretching also helped me unwind and rejuvenate after an intense workout routine, ensuring I was energized and ready for the next day's workout.

In conclusion, getting outside, setting achievable but challenging fitness targets, creating a workout routine that fits your lifestyle, and practicing post-workout relaxation activities are some of the strategies that helped me stay motivated to exercise regularly.


Hello, I can completely relate to those who struggle to stay motivated to exercise regularly. One thing that helped me tremendously was finding a form of exercise that I genuinely enjoyed doing. For instance, I found it tedious to go on a run or to the gym, but I love swimming and cycling, so I made sure to incorporate those activities into my exercise routine.

Another tip that helped me stay motivated was investing in workout clothes and gear that made me feel good about myself. When I have proper shoes, comfortable, moisture-wicking clothing, and appropriate gear for particular activities like cycling or rock climbing, I find myself looking forward to my workout sessions.

Additionally, I discovered new workout routines online via social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, which made my exercises more interesting, challenging, and gave me a vast array of options to choose from.

One thing that worked great for me was exercising as early as possible – I found I had more energy to accomplish my goals before my day began. Still, it is advisable that you listen to your body and determine which time works best for you.

Finally, celebrating small wins along the way can be a great motivator to keep going. Celebrating these wins, such as setting personal records or finishing a challenging workout routine, are essential components in building a positive mindset towards fitness.

In conclusion, finding an exercise you genuinely enjoy, investing in proper workout clothes and gear, looking up new workout routines, establishing an exercise routine that works best for you, and celebrating small wins along the way all helped me maintain the motivation to exercise regularly.


Hello there! I completely understand the struggle of staying motivated to exercise regularly! I, too, had a hard time keeping myself motivated to stay active, especially during busy weeks.

What helped me remain "regular" in my fitness regimen was to incorporate it as a daily routine. Developing a habit of doing some physical activity every day helps create a mindset whereby missing a day of activity feels like something is missing in your daily regimen. I made sure not to be too hard on myself and celebrated even the smallest wins to help me develop a positive attitude towards my workouts.

You can also try setting workout goals as a challenge to yourself. One method that worked well for me was setting weekly or monthly fitness goals that seemed realistic to achieve. This helped me stay motivated as I trained towards those targets.

Furthermore, incorporating social accountability could also prove very useful in keeping yourself motivated. Enlisting friends or online workout groups that share your fitness goals can help motivate you as you will have to keep up with your peers.

In conclusion, making fitness a habit, setting achievable workout goals, congratulating yourself for small achievements, and getting social accountability are some of my key tips that helped me get motivated to maintain a regular fitness regimen.


Hello, as someone who struggled with staying motivated to exercise regularly, I found it helpful to take small steps in building an exercise routine. For example, I started by incorporating small amounts of exercise into my daily routine first.

Additionally, investing in equipment and workout clothes contributed to my motivation. A new set of workout clothes, fitness tracker, or a new set of resistance bands can provide psychological motivation when I don't feel motivated otherwise.

Another essential element in my journey was working with a personal trainer. The one-on-one sessions helped me create and maintain a plan that was tailored to my fitness level and goals. Even just a few sessions were sufficient to refocus my motivation and give me new ideas for future exercises and workouts.

Incorporating music or podcasts into workouts was also a big motivator. There were times when I wasn't in the mood to exercise, but once I got started and had something interesting to listen to, it not only made my workouts fly by but it also kept me motivated.

Finally, being part of a supportive community was essential for my success. I joined a gym where I became friends with other members and was a part of a group that regularly participated in group fitness classes. Additionally, seeking support from family and friends was helpful, especially when I was struggling to remain motivated.

In conclusion, incorporating small amounts of exercise into daily routines, investing in equipment and workout clothes, working with a personal trainer, incorporating music or podcasts into workouts, and participating in a supportive community are some strategies that helped me stay motivated to exercise regularly.


Hey there, I completely understand how you feel. I went through a similar phase where I struggled to remain motivated and committed to my fitness goals. Here are a few things that helped me stay on track:

1. Find an exercise routine that you enjoy: It's crucial to find an exercise routine that you like doing. Otherwise, it will become a chore, and you'll dread it. Try out different workouts and find something that resonates with you.

2. Set realistic goals: Setting achievable goals is vital in keeping yourself motivated. Start with small goals and gradually work your way up.

3. Get an exercise partner: Having a workout buddy can be very motivating. You can keep each other accountable and even make it a fun activity.

4. Reward yourself: Set a reward system for yourself. For example, you could treat yourself to something you enjoy after completing a certain number of workouts.

5. Avoid comparing yourself to others: It's easy to get demotivated when you compare yourself to others who seem to be performing better. Remember, everyone's fitness journey is unique, and you only need to focus on your progress.

Remember, consistency is key. Even if you miss a workout or indulge in unhealthy food, don't beat yourself up. Tomorrow is a new day, and you can always start fresh. Keep pushing, and you'll reach your fitness goals in no time!


Hello, staying motivated to exercise regularly can be challenging, but here are some things that have helped me:

First, I started by setting realistic goals. I realized that it was essential to set achievable goals in a consistent manner. For instance, I made it a goal to work out three times a week for a month before increasing the frequency to four times a week. This helped me remain motivated and created a clear plan.

Secondly, I found that making exercise a part of my daily routine was a game-changer. I made the conscious effort to wake up 30 minutes to an hour earlier, so that I can fit some exercise into my morning schedule. Soon it became an essential part of my daily morning routine, and I looked forward to it.

Another thing that motivated me was investing in wearable technology that enabled me to track my progress, such as a smartwatch or a fitness app on my phone. This helped me remain focused on my exercise routine and monitor progress.

Incorporating variety into my exercise routine helped me stay motivated too. I diversified my workouts by incorporating outdoor walks, yoga, and Pilates alongside gymming so that I made sure to keep things fresh and different.

Finally, I found it useful to remember the "why" behind my fitness goals. For instance, I wanted to work on my overall health and avoid lifestyle-related diseases. Keeping the long-term health benefits in mind reminded me why exercising was essential.

In summary, setting realistic goals, making exercise part of my routine, tracking progress, incorporating variety, and remembering my purpose all helped me stay motivated to exercise regularly.


Hello, as someone who is still struggling to exercise regularly, I have tried different strategies to stay motivated, and here is what has helped me:

One thing I noticed was that I lacked motivation because I was not enjoying my workouts. Once I changed my mindset, and viewed exercise as an opportunity to do something good for myself, I became more engaged and was able to enjoy the process.

Another thing that has helped was using positive self-talk. Every day, I told myself how much I loved exercising and how much better it made me feel. Speaking positively and encouraging myself has allowed me to remain focused and committed to my goals.

I also got a workout buddy. Having someone to work out with gave me the extra push I needed to stay motivated. We hold each other accountable, and it's always fun to work out with someone who shares similar fitness goals.

Incorporating mindfulness and gratitude into my exercise routine also helped me. Whenever I worked out or went for a run, I took a few minutes to focus on my breath, admire the scenery or nature, and focus entirely on the moment. That provided mental clarity and allowed me to feel grateful for the ability to exercise and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Finally, I found that being flexible with my routine helped me stay motivated. I create a schedule for my workouts, but when something comes up that prevents me from sticking to it, I adapt, and make changes that allow me to stay consistent.

In summary, viewing exercise as a positive experience, speaking positively to myself, finding a workout buddy, incorporating mindfulness and gratitude, and being flexible are strategies that have helped me stay motivated to exercise regularly.


Hello, I was in the same boat not too long ago, where I struggled to keep up with exercising regularly. One thing that helped me stay motivated was finding a workout partner or coach. A workout partner or coach can help keep you accountable and motivated, and they can also help make your workouts more enjoyable. You can set up specific times and days to meet and ensure you both show up to achieve your fitness goals together.

Another thing that helped me stay motivated was tracking my progress. I logged my daily progress, tracking how much time I spent exercising or how much weight I lifted, and how I felt afterward. I got immediate feedback on what was working and what wasn't by doing this. By setting myself short-term and long-term goals and tracking my progress, I was able to look back and see the improvement.

I also found making exercise fun to be a crucial factor in remaining motivated. I experimented with different types of workouts, trying new things such as yoga, cycling, swimming, or even dance classes. This not only kept things fresh and interesting but also challenged me physically.

Lastly, I tried my best to find a balance between my workouts and nutrition. By making small changes to my diet, I began to notice an improvement in my overall well-being and energy levels, helping to keep me motivated and focused.

In conclusion, by finding a workout partner or coach, tracking my progress, making exercise fun, and balancing my workouts with proper nutrition, I was able to maintain a consistent workout routine and stay motivated in achieving my fitness goals.

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