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How can I stay motivated to workout regularly?

Hey guys,

I have been trying to stay consistent with my workouts, but I find it hard to keep up the motivation. I used to love working out and used to do it regularly, but lately, I have been slacking off. I have tried different things such as changing my workout routine, listening to music, setting goals, but nothing seems to work. I would love to hear from you guys on how to stay motivated and consistent with regular workouts.

Some context about me: I work a 9-5 job and commute for an hour every day. I also have a family and it's hard to take out time for myself. I used to workout at the gym but due to the pandemic, I have been working out at home. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Hey there,

I've struggled with staying motivated to work out regularly in the past, and one thing that's worked for me is to make exercise a part of my daily routine. Instead of viewing it as something separate from my daily routine, I incorporate it into my day, which has helped me to stay on track and make it a habit.

One way to do this is to work out at the same time every day. For me, exercising in the morning jumpstarts my day and gives me energy throughout the day. But if you prefer working out in the evening, that's fine too. Just figure out what works best for you and try to stick with it.

Another thing that's helped me stay motivated is to set realistic goals for myself. When I first started working out, I set my sights too high and ended up feeling discouraged when I couldn't immediately see the results I wanted. Instead, start with small, achievable goals like working out three times a week for 30 minutes.

Lastly, I've found that mixing it up and trying new things keeps me engaged and interested in working out regularly. I try to switch up my workouts and challenge myself with new exercises or routines to keep things interesting.

I hope these tips help you stay motivated to work out regularly. Remember, starting small and building up is the key.


Hey there,

I used to struggle with staying motivated to work out regularly as well. However, I've found that having a purpose or reason behind your fitness goals can help you stay on track.

For me, my purpose was to improve my mental health. Whenever I worked out, it gave me a sense of accomplishment that carried over into other areas of my life. Having a specific goal in mind, such as running a 5K or improving my speed, also helped me to stay focused and motivated.

Another tip that has worked well for me is setting a specific time for exercise. Every morning, I wake up at the same time and follow the same routine, which includes working out. This helps me to establish a habit and makes it easier to stick to my fitness routine.

Lastly, it's important to find exercises or workouts that you enjoy. If you hate running, it's going to be tough to stay motivated to do it regularly. But if you enjoy Pilates, dance classes, or swimming, it's much easier to look forward to your workouts.

I hope these tips help you stay motivated to work out regularly. Remember, consistency is key!


Hello there,

I have been in the same situation as you with finding it hard to stay motivated to workout regularly. What has worked for me is scheduling my workouts as firmly as I would schedule any other appointment, like a meeting or an important call. This way, my workout time becomes a priority, and I do not skip it for other less important things.

Another tip that works for me is to mix up my workouts. I get bored easily doing the same type of exercise repeatedly. So, I have found that changing up my routine helps me stay motivated. For example, if I do yoga one day, I'll go for a run the next day, and strength training the day after that.

Lastly, I focus on how good exercising makes me feel rather than just focusing on the physical results. I try to tune in to my body and appreciate the surge of energy, sense of accomplishment, and positive vibes I get from working out.

These are just a few tips that worked for me, I hope something here can help you stay motivated as well. Good luck!


Hello everyone,

Staying motivated to work out regularly can certainly be tough, but I've found a few things that have helped me along the way. One thing that's worked for me is finding a workout buddy or coach. Having someone there to hold me accountable and push me to work harder has made a huge difference in my motivation levels.

Another tactic I've used is to set milestones for myself. When I first started working out, my goal was to be able to run a mile without stopping. Once I achieved that, my next milestone was to run a 5k. This helped me to keep focused on my progress and gave me something to work towards.

In addition to these techniques, I've found that incorporating mindfulness and positive self-talk into my workouts has helped me stay motivated. Before I start working out, I take a few deep breaths and visualize myself accomplishing my goals. During my workout, I try to focus on the positive aspects of what I'm doing, and celebrate every small victory along the way.

These tips have helped me stay consistent in my workouts even on days when I'm not feeling up to it. I hope they can help you all as well! Remember, the key is to find what works for you and stick with it.



I think one of the biggest reasons why people struggle with staying motivated to workout regularly is that they set unrealistic expectations for themselves. They think that they have to train for hours every day, and if they miss a day, they've failed. This kind of mindset can lead to feelings of discouragement and disappointment, which in turn can cause them to give up altogether.

What worked for me was acknowledging that consistency is more important than intensity. Instead of forcing myself to do a long workout, or an insane number of reps, I would aim to do just a little something every day, whether that be a 15-minute yoga session or going for a walk around the block.

Another thing that helped me stay motivated was incorporating my favorite activities into my workouts. For example, I love dancing, so I started taking dance-based workout classes. This made working out feel less like a chore and more like something I looked forward to.

Lastly, I recommend making a workout playlist to listen to during exercise. Listening to upbeat music can boost your mood and energy levels, and make your workout more enjoyable.

I hope these tips help you stay motivated on your fitness journey!


Hello there!

Staying motivated to workout regularly can be quite challenging, especially when we have a busy schedule. What has worked for me is finding a workout routine that fits my lifestyle and goals.

I realized that I cannot always maintain the same intensity of workout every day, so I mix it up, including low-intensity exercises like yoga or going for a walk. This helps me stay consistent and avoid burnout.

Additionally, finding a workout community has helped me stay motivated. I started attending fitness classes at my local gym, and I soon found that I looked forward to sharing my workouts with others. I also found support from others, which helped me to push harder.

Another thing that has helped me to stay motivated is tracking my progress. Seeing how far I have come and how much I have improved motivates me to continue working out. I use fitness apps and trackers to monitor my progress, which is super helpful these days.

Lastly, it's essential to give yourself some credit for every little achievement you make. Remember, every step is significant, and when you start feeling good and seeing changes, it becomes easier to stay motivated.

I hope these tips will help you stay motivated to work out regularly. Good luck!


Hey there,

I completely understand how you feel. There have been times when I have struggled to stay motivated to exercise regularly. However, I have found that having a workout partner has made a huge difference in keeping me accountable and motivated.

I was in a similar situation to you where I had to workout from home due to the pandemic. So, I asked one of my friends if they would be interested in being my workout buddy. We set a schedule and committed to working out together virtually twice a week. This way, we could support each other and keep each other motivated.

Additionally, setting small achievable goals has helped me stay motivated as well. I used to set big goals and when I couldn't achieve them, I would get discouraged. But when I started setting smaller goals, such as doing 30 minutes of exercise each day, it became easier to stay motivated.

I hope these tips help you out. Good luck on your fitness journey!

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