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How do I customize my workout routine based on my preferences and fitness level?

Hi everyone! I am new to working out and I am hoping to customize my routine based on my preferences and fitness level. I have always been quite inactive and lead a sedentary lifestyle, but lately I have been feeling really motivated to improve my health and fitness. However, I don't know where to start with designing my workout routine.

Firstly, I am wondering how to choose the right exercises for my fitness level. I don't want to jump straight into anything too intense or advanced, as I am worried I might injure myself or get discouraged if I can't keep up. Is there a way to determine what level I am currently at, and what types of exercises will be appropriate for me?

Secondly, I am interested in finding workouts that match my personal preferences. I know that some people love running, whereas others prefer yoga or weightlifting. I want to find an exercise style that I will genuinely enjoy and look forward to doing, as I think this will increase my chances of sticking to my routine in the long term. How can I figure out what types of workouts will best suit my interests and personality?

Lastly, I would like to know if there are any tips or resources available to help me come up with a full workout plan. I understand that it might be beneficial to focus on different muscle groups and vary my exercises throughout the week, but I am not sure how to structure all of this. Any advice on how to develop a balanced and effective workout routine would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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Hi there! I completely understand your dilemma. I was in a similar situation when I started working out. When it comes to choosing the right exercises for your fitness level, I would recommend starting with bodyweight exercises. These exercises are great for beginners as they are low impact and can be easily modified according to your fitness level.

I started with basic exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges and planks. As my fitness level increased, I increased the reps or sets, or made the exercises more complicated by adding weights. I found this method to be highly effective in building my strength and endurance.

Regarding choosing a workout style that suits your preference, I would suggest trying out multiple exercises, but be patient with understanding what suits you best. I initially tried running which I wasn't a fan of then I tried cycling, which I loved. I came to the conclusion that I love cardio exercises that allow me to enjoy the outdoors, so outdoor cycling became my go-to exercise.

Finally, it is highly beneficial to develop a full workout plan that targets different muscle groups. I used the split routine approach. I split my weekly workout into different muscle groups like chest and triceps, biceps and back, and then legs and abs. This approach allowed me to focus on different muscles each day and gave the required time to rest and recover.

Hope this helps you create your perfect workout routine!


Hey there! I can definitely relate to your situation as I was faced with the same problem when I started working out. Initially, I was confused about the right type of exercise that would suit me as a beginner, but I found that consulting with a personal trainer helped me to create a customized workout routine.

Firstly, the personal trainer assessed my fitness level by asking personal details like my medical history and previous workout experiences. Based on these, he developed a customized workout plan that included a mixture of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), resistance training, and cardio exercises.

Secondly, I found out that there is no right or wrong workout style. It all depends on what you love doing, personal strength, and your fitness goals. As a beginner, it is perfectly normal not to have a specific preference for any workout style, but as you become more experienced, you will naturally gravitate towards a routine that suits you the best.

Lastly, I found that structuring my workout routine helped me stay on track. I followed a three-day split routine which targeted specific muscle groups. For example, Mondays were focused on chest and triceps, Wednesdays were dedicated to back and biceps, and Fridays were mainly leg day. Once I had my routine down, I gradually increased the intensity level as I got fitter.

I hope this helps in creating your perfect workout routine!


Hi, I totally relate with your concern about choosing the right exercise as a beginner. When I started working out, I initially experimented with different workout styles like running, weight lifting, and yoga. However, I realized that running was too high impact for my body, yoga was too slow for my liking, and weight lifting was too intimidating for me at first. So, I decided to give pilates a try, which I found perfect for my body and level of activity.

Pilates is a low-impact workout that targets different muscles and improves overall flexibility. It is also highly modifiable, so I could adjust the moves according to my fitness level. I found that this style of exercise matched my personal preferences and I loved the way it made me feel after each session.

Regarding structuring a workout routine, I found that setting small, achievable goals was helpful in keeping me motivated. For instance, I started with a goal of working out just twice a week and gradually increased the frequency as I got comfortable. I also mixed up my routine with different types of workouts, but I made sure I dedicated specific days of the week to every type of exercise so that I target different muscle groups.

Another tip is to listen to your body and make adjustments as you go along. Over time, I increased the intensity of my exercises and set new goals as my fitness level improved.

Hope my experience helps!


Hi! I can totally understand your confusion regarding choosing the right exercise for your fitness level. I had a similar experience when I started working out. Based on my experience, I would recommend incorporating a combination of cardio exercises and strength training into your workout routine.

Cardio exercises like running, cycling, and swimming are great for maintaining a healthy weight and improving overall heart health. Strength training exercises like weight lifting or resistance band training help build muscle mass and improve bone density. These exercises together will give you a well-rounded workout routine.

I found that keeping track of my workouts helped me stay motivated and focused. I used a fitness app to track my progress and set small goals for myself. This approach helped me see the positive changes in my body and improved my self-confidence.

Regarding structuring your workout routine, I would recommend starting with compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench press which work multiple muscle groups together. After that, you can move on to isolation exercises that target specific muscles.

Lastly, I found that trying new exercises kept my workout routine fresh and exciting. Attending fitness classes or trying out new exercise equipment also helped me discover new workout styles that I didn't even know I was interested in.

Hope this helps you create your perfect workout routine!

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