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I find it hard to stick to a healthy diet when I am surrounded by unhealthy food options. What are some tips for staying healthy while eating out?

Hey everyone,

I have been struggling to stick to a healthy diet lately, especially when I am out with friends or at a restaurant. It seems like all the options around me are unhealthy, and I end up giving in to temptation. I really want to improve my diet and start making healthier choices, but I could use some advice on how to do so when eating out.

To provide some context, I have been trying to eat healthier for a while now, but it's been a bit of a struggle. I have a busy schedule and don't always have time to plan out my meals, so I end up grabbing whatever is available. I also have a sweet tooth and tend to gravitate towards sugary snacks and desserts.

I would really appreciate any tips or tricks you have for making healthier choices when eating out. How do you resist temptation and stick to your diet? Are there any types of foods or cuisines that are typically healthier than others? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

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Hey everyone! As someone who often finds it difficult to stick to a healthy diet when eating out, I've found that being aware of the calorie count and nutritional value of the food I'm ordering can be a big help in making healthier choices.

Many restaurants now list the calorie count alongside menu items, so this can be a good place to start when deciding what to eat. I've found that looking for meals that are under 500 calories or that have a good balance of protein, carbs and healthy fats helps me to choose healthier menu items.

Another strategy that has worked well for me is to avoid dishes that are served with heavy sauces or dressings. Instead, I'll ask for them on the side so I can control the amount I'm using. Similarly, opting for dishes that are grilled or steamed instead of fried can help to cut down on excess calories and unhealthy fats.

I've also found that making small changes to my order can make a big difference. For instance, swapping out a side of fries for a side salad, or choosing whole grain options instead of white bread, can help up the nutritional value of my meal.

Finally, it's important to keep in mind that eating out is a treat, so it's okay to indulge every once in a while. By making healthy choices most of the time and allowing occasional splurges, it's possible to enjoy a balanced and healthy diet overall.


Hey there! I totally understand the struggle of sticking to a healthy diet while eating out. In my experience, it has helped a lot to be assertive and confident when it comes to my food choices.

For instance, I've found that it's important to communicate clearly with the server about what I want and don't want in my meal, such as requesting for no sauce, dressing or cheese. I also make sure to ask how the food is prepared and if there are healthier cooking methods available, such as steaming or grilling.

Another strategy that has worked for me is to plan ahead by researching the restaurant's menu and deciding on what I want to eat before I even get there. This could also mean suggesting a specific restaurant that I know has healthier options or looking for healthier items on the menu, such as salads or lean proteins.

When dining with friends or colleagues who may not share the same dietary preferences or goals, I try not to make a big deal out of it and stick to my own food choices in a matter-of-fact way. I find that this approach helps me stay confident and assertive without being perceived as judgemental or difficult.

Ultimately, it's all about finding a balance and making mindful choices that make you feel good both physically and mentally. By being assertive, confident and planning ahead, it is absolutely possible to enjoy eating out while staying on track with a healthy diet.


Hi everyone! Sticking to a healthy diet while eating out can be tough, but I've found that planning ahead and being mindful of my choices have helped me to stay on track.

One thing that's worked for me is to be mindful of the types of cuisines I choose. For example, I've found that Japanese, Thai and Mediterranean restaurants often have healthier options. Japanese sushi rolls can be a great, low-calorie choice that still feels indulgent, while Thai salads or curries with lots of veggies can be a filling, healthy meal option. Mediterranean restaurants are great for grilled kebabs and salads with lots of healthy fats like olives and hummus.

Another tip I've found useful is to choose appetizers or side dishes instead of a main meal. Many restaurants have healthy options like grilled tofu, vegetable skewers or soup that can be just as satisfying as a larger entrée. If that's not an option, I try to choose grilled or baked meats with a side of veggies instead of a carb-heavy dish like pasta.

Lastly, I try to be moderate with my alcohol consumption. I usually try to limit myself to one drink and stick to lower calorie options like wine or vodka-soda, to avoid excess calorie intake.

Overall, sticking to a healthy diet while eating out is all about making mindful choices and being aware of what you're putting in your body. With a little bit of planning and self-control, it's definitely possible to enjoy restaurant meals while still maintaining good health practices.


Hey, I know it can be daunting to stick to a healthy diet while eating out. But you can make some small tweaks to restaurant meals to make them healthier.

One tip I find helpful is to ask if there are any gluten-free or vegetarian options available, as these tend to be healthier, and restaurants are more mindful of using healthy ingredients with these options. Another strategy is to ask for the dressing or sauce on the side, so you can control how much of it you consume, or swap high-calorie dressings with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

I also pay close attention to how the food is prepared. For example, grilled or roasted options tend to be healthier than fried ones. Steamed veggies are generally a better option than sautéed or buttered veggies. And if you know the menu well, you can identify which dishes are best to avoid, e.g. anything with 'crispy', 'fried' or 'loaded'.

Finally, I try to share a few dishes with my dining partner to enjoy smaller portions of multiple items, rather than large portions of a single dish. This helps me make healthier choices and satisfy my cravings without overindulging.

In conclusion, making smarter food choices while eating out can be challenging but is definitely achievable! By being mindful, asking for substitutions and watching your portions, you can enjoy meals out without compromising on your health goals.


Hey! As someone who struggles with maintaining a healthy diet when eating out, I completely understand where you're coming from. Here are some tips that have worked for me:

1. Check out the menu beforehand: Almost every restaurant has their menu online so take advantage of that. It can help you make a more informed decision about what you want to eat before you get to the restaurant.

2. Look for healthier options: Many restaurants now have a dedicated section on their menu for healthier options. Look for things that are grilled, baked, or roasted, rather than fried.

3. Watch your portions: Restaurants are notorious for serving large portions, so pay attention to the serving size. If the portion is too big, consider sharing with someone else at the table or asking for a takeout box to bring home the leftovers.

4. Drink water: Drinking water before and during your meal can help you stay hydrated and feel full, and it's a great alternative to sugary drinks.

5. Don't be afraid to ask for substitutions: If you see a dish you really like, but it's not so healthy, don't be afraid to ask if they can make substitutions. For example, if a dish comes with fries, ask if you can substitute a side salad instead.

Remember, it's okay to indulge every once in a while, and it's all about finding balance. Don't beat yourself up if you slip up, just get back on track with the next meal.


Absolutely agree! In addition to the great tips mentioned, I found it helpful to focus on the purpose of the meal. Is it a celebratory dinner, an important business meeting or just a casual hangout? This helps me set expectations and plan accordingly to make healthier food choices.

For example, if it's just a casual meeting, I may opt for a salad or a grilled fish entrée instead of a burger with fries. If I know I can't resist my friends ordering pizza, I would try to limit the number of slices or choose a healthier topping option like veggies instead of pepperoni or sausage.

Another approach I find helpful is to avoid arriving at the restaurant famished. In the past, I made the mistake of skipping meals thinking it would help cut calories, but ended up overeating and making less healthy choices. This led to feeling guilty and defeated, and the cycle continued. Nowadays, I carry some healthy snacks like nuts, granola bars or a small piece of fruit to curb the hunger.

Finally, if all else fails, I remind myself that the dining experience is not just about the food, but also the company, ambiance and conversation. I focus on enjoying the moment and having fun, rather than feeling deprived or defeated.

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