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I have recently quit smoking and gained some extra weight. What are some exercises that can help with weight loss and also help me avoid relapsing into smoking?

Hi everyone,

I have recently quit smoking and I am facing a problem of gaining some extra weight. I am really worried about this weight gain as it can lead to many health issues. So, I am trying to find out some exercises that can help me lose weight and also keep me away from the temptation of relapsing into smoking.

Before I quit smoking, I was not really into exercising, so I am not sure where to start. I have heard that cardio exercises are great for weight loss, but I am not sure if it is enough to keep me motivated to stay away from smoking.

I would really appreciate it if anyone can suggest some effective exercises that helped them lose weight and avoid relapsing into smoking. Any tips or advice on how to stay motivated and stick to my exercise routine would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi there,

I can relate to your struggle with weight gain after quitting smoking. For me, one exercise that not only helped me lose weight but also helped me stay away from smoking was yoga.

Yoga is not just an exercise but also an art of self-care that helped me maintain my mental and physical well-being. Through yoga, I learned breathing techniques and postures that not only helped me relieve stress but also helped me control my cravings for nicotine. Yoga regularly helped me gain physical strength, improve my flexibility, and maintain a healthy weight.

Another exercise that I found helpful when I quit smoking was hiking. The scenic routes not only kept me motivated and engaged, but it also gave me peace of mind. Hiking is an excellent way of burning calories while enjoying nature and revelling in your thoughts.

Finally, as you may know, quitting smoking can lead to anxiety, and one thing that helped me to reduce my anxiety levels was swimming. The repetitive motion of swimming and being in water helped me to stay calm and relax my muscles when I felt overwhelmed. Swimming is also an excellent way of burning calories, and it helped me maintain a healthy weight during the process of quitting smoking.

To sum up, these exercises worked for me when I was quitting smoking, and I hope they can work for others too. Remember that quitting smoking is a journey that requires a lot of patience and hard work. So, be dedicated and stay committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle to feel better every day.


Hello everyone,

I have been in your position before, where quitting smoking led to gaining some extra weight. One exercise I found helpful was jump roping. It is an excellent cardio exercise that can be done at home, fire up your heart rate, and burn calories quickly. While jumping rope, you can blast some music to stay entertained and motivated. It is easy to learn, and the variety of exercises you can do on a jump rope is endless.

Another workout that helped me lose weight and avoid relapsing into smoking was long walks. Walking is perfect for those who find it hard to do high-intensity exercises, as it is a low-impact exercise that can be done at your own pace. Walking regularly helped me control my cravings for nicotine and maintain a healthy weight.

Lastly, I found that Pilates is an excellent way to maintain a balance of strength, mobility and flexibility. The Pilates movements are designed to develop strong core muscles and improve flexibility, which helped me achieve balance, build strength, and have better chances of reaching my weight loss goals.

In conclusion, quitting smoking can be a challenge, but with the right exercises and a consistent workout routine, it is very much achievable. Dancing, long walks, Pilates, and jump roping are just a few of the exercises worth trying out. Remember to stay positive, don't give up on yourself, and cherish the gains made in your health journey!



I completely understand your situation since I also faced the same challenges after quitting smoking. I found it difficult to manage my weight and stay active throughout the day after quitting.

One thing that really worked for me was dancing. Dancing is not just a fun way to work out, but it also helps you burn calories and improve balance and coordination. I enjoyed going to dance classes and learning different styles of dance, including hip hop, Bollywood, and salsa. It helped me stay active and busy while also making new friends and having fun!

Another exercise that worked great for me was trail running. Running on a trail provided me with new challenges and allowed me to enjoy nature while running as well. It was refreshing to work out in the great outdoors and helped me appreciate the beauty around me, which was an added bonus.

Lastly, I found that resistance band training could be great for adding some variety to my routines when I didn’t feel motivated to hit the gym. Resistance bands are easy to carry and versatile, allowing you to work out different parts of your body while having low impact on the joints.

In summary, keeping oneself motivate throughout the day is crucial, and finding the exercise you connect with is vital. So try different types of exercises, and pay attention to what works best for you. Remember to have fun, keep it interesting, and stay motivated.


Hey there,

I had the same struggle when I quit smoking, and I tried various exercises until I found a combination that worked for me.

Personally, I found that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) was an effective workout routine to help me lose weight and avoid relapsing into smoking. HIIT combines bursts of high-intensity exercises with brief periods of rest, which gets my heart rate up and burns calories quickly.

Another exercise I found efficient is biking. It's another cardio exercise that helps keep you focussed and active. I discovered a passion for mountain biking, and I now go on an off-road trail ride every weekend. Not only is it a great work out, but it's also an excellent way to distract yourself from craving cigarettes by enjoying the outdoors and being surrounded by nature.

Lastly, I feel that strength training was also effective in helping me reach my goal. By building lean muscle, I noticed an improvement in my metabolism and my overall physique. I felt fitter, stronger, and more active, which made it easier to stay away from smoking.

Overall, the key to success is to find an exercise routine that you enjoy and make it part of your daily life. Additionally, make sure you're eating a nutrient-rich diet and getting enough sleep. Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't see immediate results, as it takes time and consistency to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


Hey there,

Like everyone else here, I can understand how difficult it can be to quit smoking and deal with weight gain. For me, I found that incorporating strength training exercises into my workout routine was the best way to stay fit and healthy.

Weightlifting helped me build lean muscle mass, which was very effective in burning more calories and maintaining a healthy weight. It also improved my overall physical strength and endurance, which made it easier for me to stay active and focused.

Another exercise that worked great for me was calisthenics, which is a type of bodyweight training that doesn't require any equipment. I found this form of exercise to be very adaptable and convenient, making it easy for me to work out anytime and anywhere. It was great for building upper body strength, core stability, and improving overall flexibility.

Lastly, one of the exercises that helped me the most was cycling. This low-impact exercise helped me burn lots of calories and also improved my cardiovascular health. I also found it to be a great way to relieve stress and clear my mind, especially when the urge to smoke was strong.

In conclusion, the key to an effective workout routine to maintain a healthy weight and avoid relapsing into smoking is to find an exercise that fits your personality and interests. Experiment with different forms of exercise until you find something you enjoy and look forward to doing. With discipline and consistency, your new workout routine can help keep you motivated and committed to maintaining a healthier lifestyle.



I have also been through the same thing and it can be frustrating to gain weight after quitting smoking. In my case, I found that incorporating aerobic exercises in my daily routine helped me stay active and skip smoking.

Swimming has been a fantastic way to stay in shape and avoid the urge to start smoking again. Swimming laps, diving, and playing water games is an excellent way to burn calories, reduce stress and strengthen your muscles. It was an extremely effective form of cardio for me since it is such a full-body workout.

Moreover, I found that the martial art of Taekwondo also helped me stay active and discipline my thoughts. It taught me deep breathing techniques and how to master my body movements, which helps me to focus and control my cravings for nicotine. Additionally, it strengthened my legs and core, which reduced the amount of time I had to spend exercising.

In summary, finding exercises can be tough, but I urge you to follow your intuition and try new things! Don't be afraid to take on some challenges and stay driven despite setbacks. Alongside exercises, also try to eat healthily and keep your mind engaged with hobbies that make you happy. It's all a journey towards a healthier lifestyle - one that doesn't include smoking anymore!


Hey there!

I can totally relate to your situation. I also gained some extra weight after quitting smoking and it was challenging to find the right exercise that would help me lose weight and stay away from smoking.

Personally, I found that running was an excellent cardio exercise that helped me both lose weight and avoid the temptation of smoking. It gave me a natural high after a good run, which is similar to the feeling I used to get when I smoked. Plus, the physical activity helped keep me busy, which was essential in avoiding the urge to smoke.

Additionally, I found doing yoga was an excellent way to balance my mind and body. It helped me stay relaxed, focused, and level-headed, which could be difficult during the tough initial stages of quitting smoking. Doing yoga every day for 30 minutes helped me maintain a healthy weight and absolve my cravings for nicotine.

Lastly, I must say the key to staying motivated lies in setting achievable and realistic goals for yourself. You can make minor changes and gradually increase your workout intensity as you progress. Keep pushing yourself, and don't be afraid to try new exercises, as you never know which one may work best for you.

Hope this helps!


Hi everyone,

I also went through a similar situation when I quit smoking and experienced weight gain. My exercise routine mainly consisted of strength training as it helped me develop muscle mass and burn more calories.

Weightlifting is an amazing exercise that can help build strength and muscles while keeping away from smoking. I started by doing compound lifts like squats, bench press, and deadlifts, which involved several muscle groups simultaneously. As I progressed, I started adding weights and more isolated exercises to focus on specific areas.

Additionally, I found that indoor cycling classes were an excellent way to challenge myself and keep motivated. The high-intensity and upbeat music helped me maintain a positive attitude and work up a sweat. Cycling not only burnt calories, but it also helped me build lean muscle mass that helped me burn calories even when not exercising.

Lastly, I discovered boxing, which was a great way to channel my aggression towards quitting smoking. Not only did it help me maintain focus and keep release the need for nicotine, but it also worked out my upper body, legs, and core muscles. Boxing leaves you exhausted, but it's an incredible workout that has many physical and mental benefits.

In conclusion, I highly recommend strength training and HIIT workouts mixed with boxing, cycling, and other high-intensity exercises. These combine to be the perfect routine to aid in quitting smoking, build muscle, and support weight loss initiatives. Remember, the most important thing is to keep trying new things and keep yourself active!

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