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I want to add variety to my workouts, what are some fun activities or sports that can help me stay active while also helping me reach my weight loss goals?

Hey everyone!

I've been trying to lose weight for a while now, but I'm starting to get bored with my usual workouts. I used to do a lot of jogging and cycling, but they don't seem to be cutting it anymore. I'm looking to mix things up and try some new activities that can help me burn calories and stay active.

I'm open to any ideas, but I'm especially interested in trying some fun sports or games that can help me stay motivated. I'm not the most coordinated person out there, but I'm willing to give anything a shot.

So, what are some of your favorite activities or sports for weight loss? And do you have any tips for staying motivated and making sure I stick to my goals? Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!

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Hello there!

I've been in a similar situation myself, struggling to keep my workouts from becoming too routine. One sport I found really enjoyable and effective for weight loss is swimming. Not only is it a great low-impact workout, but it also targets muscles that might be hard to work out otherwise. If you have access to a pool, I'd definitely recommend giving it a try.

Another activity that really helped me shake things up was trying out dance classes. Zumba or salsa are great options if you're looking to sweat and have fun moving to some upbeat music. Don't worry if you're not a naturally gifted dancer - it's all about having fun and trying something new.

As for staying motivated, I found it helpful to incorporate some form of accountability into my routine. Whether it was working out with a friend, using a fitness tracker to keep track of my progress or setting up a reminder system on my phone, having something to keep me accountable helped me push through the times when I wasn't feeling as motivated.

Good luck on your fitness journey - I hope these suggestions help!


Hi there everyone!

I totally understand the feeling of getting bored with your regular workout routines. One fun activity that I've enjoyed is aerial silks. It's a circus-inspired workout that uses fabric to perform acrobatic moves and vertical dance. It may seem intimidating, but with the right instruction, anyone can do it. It's great for working your core and upper body strength while also being a fun and unique experience.

Another activity that I enjoy is indoor cycling. It's perfect for those who prefer working out in a group setting with motivating music and instructors. It's a great cardio workout and can burn lots of calories in a relatively short amount of time.

To stay motivated, I also try to vary my workouts by targeting different muscle groups each day. I mix in some strength training, yoga and other classes with my cardio routines. This helps to prevent boredom and keeps me engaged with my workouts.

I hope these ideas help you find some fun ways to stay active and reach your weight loss goals. Good luck!



I've been in the same boat and I found out that boxing is an incredible way to stay active and burn calories while providing you the ability to learn self defense. In a boxing class, you'll be doing a lot of high-intensity exercises such as jumping jacks, burpees, and shadow boxing. Learning the proper techniques can be the perfect stress-reliever and keeps you engaged during the workout.

Another activity you can try is joining a sports team if it's available in your area. In my case, I joined the local soccer team and it's been an amazing experience. I get to meet new people and train as a team couple of times a week, which has really helped me stay motivated. Plus, playing soccer is great for cardiovascular and lower body workout.

One thing that really helps me stay motivated is setting realistic goals and tracking my progress. Whether I'm trying to increase the number of reps I can do or decrease my times on the treadmill, having specific targets to reach and a way to track my achievements helps me stay motivated and focused on my fitness journey.

Hope these tips are useful to you, happy exercising!


Hi there!

I know how challenging it can be to keep your workout routine fresh and exciting. One sport you can try out that's a bit different from the usual is rowing. It's a total-body workout that's great for burning calories and building strength. Even though it might seem intimidating at first, most fitness centers have rowing machines that are easy to use and perfect for beginners.

Another activity that I find really enjoyable is hiking. It's a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature while also getting some exercise. I love the challenge of hiking up steep inclines and the feeling of accomplishment when I reach the top. Plus, there are so many beautiful trails to explore!

To stay motivated, I remind myself of the benefits of exercise beyond just weight loss. Exercise helps me manage stress, improves my mood and keeps me feeling strong and energized throughout the day. I also make sure to switch up my routine every so often to keep things interesting and challenging.

Hope these ideas help you mix up your workouts and reach your weight loss goals!


Hey there!

One activity I recently tried that I really enjoyed is rock climbing. It's a great full-body workout that requires both strength and endurance. Plus, it's a lot of fun to challenge yourself to climb higher and higher. I also found that it's a great way to meet new people and make some workout buddies.

Another activity that's really fun and challenging is kickboxing. It's a great way to let off some steam and build up your strength and cardiovascular endurance. Even if you're not naturally coordinated, you can pick up the movements pretty quickly with some good instruction.

As for staying motivated, I find it helps to set small goals for myself and celebrate when I reach them. For example, maybe I try to add an extra five minutes to my cardio routine or lift a little bit heavier each week. It feels good to see progress over time, and it makes me want to keep pushing myself.

Hope this helps!

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