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I'm experiencing back pain during workouts. Any advice on how to prevent this?

Hi everyone,

I recently started working out in a gym with a personal trainer. I'm very new to this, and I've been experiencing some back pain during my workouts. The pain is happening in my lower back, and it's really starting to worry me. Sometimes it's so bad that I have to stop my workout early.

I've spoken to my trainer about this, and they suggested that I might be using incorrect form during certain exercises. I've been focusing on my form and trying to improve it, but the pain is still there.

Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent back pain during workouts? Are there any specific stretches or exercises I can do to help with this? I really want to keep going to the gym and working on my fitness, but this pain is making it difficult.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer!

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I'm sorry to hear about your back pain during workouts. I used to get back pain too, and after a lot of experimentation, I learned that a few things were contributing to the problem.

One was that my shoes were too flat and didn't provide enough support. I switched to shoes with more arch support and found that my lower back pain improved significantly.

Secondly, I started incorporating yoga into my routine, which helped with my flexibility as well as engaging my core muscles. After a few weeks, I noticed a significant reduction in my lower back pain.

Thirdly, I ensured that I warm up well before any activity or workout sessions. We tend to ignore proper warm-up, and this can lead to strain on muscles which then causes pain during workouts. So, incorporating a warm-up session that starts with gentle movements to raise your heart rate can help a lot.

Lastly, don't push yourself too hard, especially if you're a beginner, as overworking your body can cause more harm than good. Balance your workout routine and give your body enough time to recover post-workout.

I hope this helps you too!



I had experienced back pain during my weightlifting sessions in the past. It can be a frustrating problem to deal with but my approach to this issue is to pinpoint particular exercises that are causing the pain or discomfort. For instance, I started to realize that whenever I do an overhead press, the pain in my lower back flares up.

It's great that you're tackling your form because that is fundamental. What helped me in addition to form correction was to perform strengthening exercises for my core, particularly my lower abs. By doing planks and crunches regularly, it gave me more strength in my midsection and reduced the amount of pressure I was placing on my lower back muscles.

Additionally, consider carrying lighter weights and gradually increasing them as you get stronger. Overloading yourself may lead to vulnerable posture that can cause back pain. It's better to take small steps when it comes to building up strength rather than trying to exert yourself in the beginning.

That has been my personal experience with handling back pain during workouts, and I can attest to the effectiveness of these techniques.


Hi there,

I can completely relate to your situation as I too have had lower back pain during workouts. Firstly, it's great that you've spoken to your trainer about this as they can guide you on the correct form that you should use during each exercise. However, if you're still experiencing pain despite correcting your form then I would suggest that you take a break from the gym for a few days and let your back muscles rest and heal.

One thing that has really helped me with my lower back pain is to stretch before and after my workouts. I focus mainly on stretches that target the lower back area such as the cobra pose in yoga, and the kneeling lunge stretch. These stretches help to loosen up the muscles and prevent any stiffness which can cause pain during your workouts. Another thing that I found helpful is using a foam roller to massage the lower back muscles before and after your workout. This will help to release any tension in the muscles and prepare them for the workout ahead.

If the pain continues, I would suggest that you speak to a physiotherapist or sports injury specialist who will be able to assess your situation and provide you with specific exercises or treatment to help manage your lower back pain.

Hope this helps!



I'm sorry to hear about the back pain you're experiencing during your workouts. I used to encounter the same issue and what helped me immensely is that I switched a few exercises in my routine.

I switched from deadlifts to sumo deadlifts as a sumo deadlift which helps to alleviate the pressure on your lower back. Same goes for switching from squats to goblet squats - which are much easier on the back - and it puts less of a compressive load on your spine.

In terms of stretching, I found that the cat and cow yoga pose was a valuable stretch to help reduce pain in the lower back. It is not an extremely challenging stretch, but it does aid in relaxing the lower back muscles which is much needed when you're experiencing pain.

Lastly, make sure to prioritize rest days in your workout routine allowing your body to relax and rejuvenate after intense sessions.

Hope these tips help you reduce or eliminate the discomfort you're experiencing!

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