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I'm not seeing the results I want - how can I adjust my diet and fitness routine to be more effective?

Hello everyone,

I've been trying to lose weight and get in shape for the past few months, but I'm not seeing the results I was hoping for. I've been eating healthier and working out regularly, but I'm not sure if I'm doing everything right. I'm feeling a bit discouraged and could use some advice.

For context, I'm a 30-year-old woman who is 5'7" and currently weighs 180 pounds. My ultimate goal is to get down to 150 pounds and have more muscle definition. Right now, I'm primarily doing cardio exercises like running and cycling, but I'd like to start incorporating more strength training workouts.

When it comes to my diet, I've cut out processed foods and increased my intake of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. However, I still struggle with portion control and tend to give in to my cravings for sweets and carbs.

I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong and what changes I can make to my diet and fitness routine to see more effective results. Any advice or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I can totally relate to your struggles with portion control and cravings for sweets and carbs. I've found that one thing that helps me is to plan ahead and have healthy snacks readily available. That way, when I do get a craving, I have a healthier option on hand. I also try to find healthier alternatives for my favorite treats - for example, swapping out regular ice cream for a lower-calorie option or making my own homemade protein bars.

As for your workouts, incorporating strength training is definitely a great idea. It can be intimidating at first, but I've found that starting with bodyweight exercises and gradually increasing weight and intensity has been effective for me. I also like to switch up my workouts to keep things interesting and challenge my body in different ways.

One thing that has helped me stay motivated is tracking my progress and celebrating small wins along the way. Whether it's seeing a slight decrease in weight or being able to do more reps of a certain exercise, it's important to acknowledge the progress you're making.

Remember that progress takes time, so keep at it and don't get discouraged. Most importantly, focus on making sustainable lifestyle changes rather than quick fixes. Good luck!


Hello there,

I can definitely relate to your struggle as I went through the same phase when I was trying to lose weight. One thing that really helped me was incorporating more fiber in my diet. Foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains helped me feel full for a longer time and prevented me from overeating during the day.

Another strategy that you might consider is meal prepping. Preparing meals in advance can help you control your portions and ensure that you have healthy options available when you're on the go. You might consider investing in meal prep containers and mapping out your meals in advance to streamline the process for yourself.

It's also important to be patient and realistic when it comes to your fitness goals. Losing weight and building muscle takes time, and it's important to focus on progress rather than perfection. Being consistent with your workout and diet routines and tracking your progress will help you stay motivated and achieve your goals.

Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up or miss a workout. Remember that fitness is a journey and it's normal to have setbacks along the way. What matters most is that you get back on track and keep pushing yourself towards your goals.

Hope this helps give you some ideas on how to adjust your diet and fitness routine. Best of luck!


Hi there!

I've been in your shoes before, and I know it can be frustrating not seeing the results you want despite putting in the effort. One thing that helped me was switching up my workout routine. Since you're already doing mainly cardio, adding more strength training exercises can help you build muscle and increase your metabolism. You don't necessarily need to lift heavy weights - bodyweight exercises like squats, push-ups, and lunges can be effective as well.

In terms of your diet, it's great that you've cut out processed foods and increased your intake of healthy foods. But as you mentioned, portion control is key. One thing that worked for me was tracking my food intake using an app like MyFitnessPal. It helped me stay accountable and make sure I was sticking to my calorie goals.

Also, don't feel like you have to completely eliminate sweets and carbs from your diet. It's okay to indulge every once in a while! Just make sure you're not overdoing it and staying within your daily calorie budget.

Lastly, make sure you're giving yourself enough rest and recovery time. Overtraining can actually hinder your progress, so listen to your body and take rest days as needed.

Hope this helps, and good luck on your fitness journey!


Hello everyone,

I recognize that the journey of weight loss and fitness is not an easy one, so kudos to you for putting in the work. When I was trying to lose weight, one thing that really helped me was finding a workout buddy or joining a fitness community. Having someone to keep me accountable and motivated was a game-changer for me. Also, participating in group activities like fitness classes or team training sessions made working out more fun and enjoyable.

Regarding your diet, one thing that worked for me was employing mindful eating techniques. This means taking the time to be present and savor the flavors and textures of my meals, and listening to my body when it feels full. It's a simple but effective way to maintain portion control and prevent overeating.

In addition to the other tips shared here, another thing to consider is the importance of rest and recovery. I've found that getting enough sleep and taking regular rest days has been critical in preventing injury and achieving success in my fitness goals. Rest days can also give your muscles the time they need to recover and repair themselves, leading to improved performance.

Remember that there's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to fitness and diet. What's important is finding what works for you -- whether that be changing up your exercise routine, tracking your food intake, or joining a community. Keep experimenting and trying new things, stay consistent, and be kind to yourself.


Hi there,

As someone who has successfully lost weight and changed my lifestyle for the better, I understand the struggles you're going through. One thing that really helped me was setting realistic goals and breaking them down into smaller, more manageable goals. This way, I was able to see progress more frequently and stay motivated.

Another tip I have is to make your workouts and meals enjoyable. Instead of viewing exercise as a chore, try to find a type of workout that you enjoy and look forward to. Similarly, experiment with different healthy foods and cooking techniques to find what works best for your taste buds.

In terms of diet, portion control is key as others have mentioned. One way I've found success in this area is by using a smaller plate to control serving sizes. I also try to avoid eating in front of the TV or computer, as it can be easy to lose track of how much you're consuming.

It's also important to recognize that setbacks happen, and that's okay. The key is to stay committed and get back on track as soon as possible. Celebrate your successes, learn from your mistakes, and keep pushing forward.

Finally, I would also recommend finding a form of stress relief that works for you. Stress can impact your weight loss and fitness goals, so practicing mindfulness or engaging in relaxing activities like yoga or meditation can help you stay grounded and focused.

I hope these personal tips and experiences help you adjust your diet and fitness routine to achieve your goals. Good luck on your journey!


Hi there,

I can completely understand your situation because I have been there before. Diet and fitness are unique for everyone, and you need to discover what works best for your body type.

One thing that has worked for me, in addition to strength training, is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It's a great way to burn fat and improve cardiovascular health. It also helps prevent boredom with workouts because it's constantly changing and challenging.

Regarding your diet, it's great that you've cut out processed foods and increased your fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. But you might consider upping your protein intake even more. High protein foods will keep you full longer which will help with portion control. Moreover, eating more protein can help build and maintain muscle mass which is essential when trying to lose weight.

In addition, tracking your calories, macros, hydration, and activity levels is essential to see where you might need to adjust your routines. There are great apps or a wearable fitness tracker that can help you monitor these things effectively.

Finally, always remember to be kind to yourself, and celebrate even small victories. The road to getting fit and healthy is never easy, but small changes over time lead to permanent improvements.

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