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I'm struggling to get started with exercising regularly - any advice on how to overcome this?

Hello everyone,

I am struggling to make exercise a regular part of my routine. I used to be active when I was younger, playing sports and going to the gym, but as I've gotten older and busier with work and family obligations, I've found it harder to find the time and motivation to exercise.

I know that exercise is important for both my physical and mental health, but I just can't seem to get started. Even when I do manage to start a routine, I often fall off track after a few weeks.

Does anyone have any advice for how to overcome this hump and make exercise a regular part of my life? Any tips on how to stay motivated and stick with it even when I'm busy or stressed out? Any suggestions for fun and engaging ways to get moving that don't feel like a chore?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi everyone,

I can definitely relate to the struggle of getting started with exercising regularly. I went through a phase where I just couldn't seem to get into the right headspace to make it happen.

One of the things that made a big difference for me was setting specific, measurable goals for myself. Before, I would just think to myself, "I need to exercise more," but I didn't really have a plan or clear idea of what that looked like. Once I started setting goals for myself, like running a particular distance or doing a certain number of reps with weights, I found it easier to get motivated.

Another tactic that helped me was finding ways to make exercise fun. I love listening to music, for example, so I started creating playlists specifically for working out. I also looked for activities that I genuinely enjoyed, like hiking or dancing, so that it didn't feel like a chore.

But perhaps the most important thing I've learned is the value of being patient with myself. Making exercise a regular part of your routine is not an overnight process, and it can take time to find the right combination of activities and motivation that works for you. The key is to stay positive and persistent and to celebrate even small victories along the way.

I hope my experience can help those of you who are struggling with getting started with a regular exercise routine. Hang in there!



I can totally relate to the struggle of getting started with exercising regularly. In the past, I’ve found that I would often start working out with a lot of enthusiasm, but it would quickly dwindle down to nothing, leaving me feeling defeated.

What helped me get over the hump was finding an activity that I genuinely enjoyed doing. For me, I discovered that I loved dancing, so I started taking Zumba classes. I found that I was much more willing to stick to it because I looked forward to it, and it didn’t feel like a chore.

I also found it helpful to start small and work up to a more regular routine. I started by just taking a few classes per week and gradually increased the number of days I worked out until I was consistently exercising five days per week.

Finally, I invested in some quality workout clothes and made a playlist of music that pumped me up. It sounds silly, but having the right gear and soundtrack made me feel more confident and motivated to work out.

These small changes really made a huge difference for me, and I hope they can help you too. Remember to be patient with yourself, and don’t give up if you miss a workout or have an off day. Just keep pushing forward, and you’ll get there!


Hi there,

I completely understand how difficult it can be to get started with exercising regularly. I used to struggle with the same thing, but have been able to create a consistent exercise routine that works for me.

One thing that has helped me is identifying the specific times that I have available to exercise and making a plan to fit it into my schedule. For example, I know that I can work out in the mornings before work, so I make sure to wake up early enough to do so.

I also set goals for myself, both short-term and long-term, and track my progress. Seeing that I am making progress towards my goals motivates me to keep going.

Additionally, I've found that mixing up my workouts keeps things interesting and prevents me from getting bored. I like to switch between running, weightlifting, yoga, and other activities.

Lastly, finding an accountability partner or joining a fitness community can be really helpful in staying motivated and on track. Sharing my progress with others and receiving support has been instrumental in keeping me committed to my routine.

I hope these tips help you in creating a consistent exercise routine that works for you. Good luck!


Hi there,

I used to struggle a lot with finding the motivation to exercise regularly. I would always find excuses to not work out, like, "I'm too tired" or "I'm too busy."

For me, what really helped was finding a workout buddy. I joined a fitness group with a bunch of people who had similar fitness goals to mine, and we would all work out together. Knowing that I had someone to hold me accountable made me more consistent with my workouts.

Also, I found that finding an exercise activity that is both fun and challenging kept me motivated. I started doing circuit training classes that were challenging but enjoyable, and I would look forward to them each week.

Lastly, it was important for me to understand that it's okay to have bad days and fall off track. I would remind myself that occasional setbacks and missed workouts are part of the journey, and that what's most important is to not let them derail my progress.

I hope these tips help you overcome your struggle to exercise regularly!

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