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What are some common mistakes people make when starting a diet or exercise routine, and how can I avoid them?

Hey everyone,

Recently, I've been feeling a bit sluggish and not as healthy as I would like to be. I've decided that it's time to start a diet and exercise routine to improve my overall wellbeing. However, I'm a bit nervous because I know there are a lot of common mistakes that people make when starting out on this journey. I'm hoping some of you can share your experiences and offer some advice on how to avoid those mistakes.

Thanks in advance!

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One of the common mistakes that I made while starting a diet and exercise routine was comparing myself to others. I used to believe that by looking at other people's progress and results, I would have a rough idea of how much progress I could make in a certain amount of time. This only hurt my journey because I would feel discontent with my own progress, and it would derail me off the course. To avoid this mistake, I stopped comparing myself to others and instead focused on my own progress.

Another mistake I made was prioritizing exercise over nutrition. I believed that if I increased my workout hours, I would see rapid progress with little or no attention to what I was consuming. However, I realized over time that it wasn't helping me. This was because, even though I had a weight loss goal, the amount of physical work I was putting in wasn't enough to make up for unhealthy eating habits. To avoid this mistake, I now give adequate attention to my diet plan and ensure it suits my workout routine.

Lastly, I used to underestimate the power of hydration. I did not drink enough fluids, which led to muscle cramps and overall weakness. As soon as I started drinking an appropriate amount of water, I felt a noticeable difference in my energy levels and overall health. I now make sure to drink enough water throughout the day.

These are just a few of the mistakes that I made when I started my journey, and I hope they can be helpful to someone just starting. Remember, consistency is key, and everyone's journey is unique.


Sure, I'd be happy to share my experience. One mistake I made when starting a diet and exercise routine was setting unrealistic expectations for myself. I wanted to see results immediately and ended up getting discouraged when I didn't see them right away. To avoid this, I now set more realistic goals and remind myself that progress takes time.

Another mistake I made was not tracking my progress. I wasn't keeping track of what I was eating or how much exercise I was doing, which made it difficult to measure my progress. Now, I keep a food journal and use a fitness tracker to help me stay accountable and track my progress.

Lastly, I used to focus too much on the number on the scale rather than my overall health and how I was feeling. This made me feel defeated and discouraged when the number didn't change as much as I wanted it to. Now, I focus on how my body feels and how much stronger and healthier I am becoming, rather than just the number on the scale.

These are just a few mistakes I made when starting out, but everyone's journey is different. I hope this helps!


I can definitely relate to some of the mistakes that were mentioned earlier. One mistake that I made was not choosing an exercise routine that I actually enjoyed. Initially, I was forcing myself to do workouts that I thought I "should" be doing instead of what I actually liked. This made it harder to stick to my routine and I ended up becoming discouraged. To avoid this mistake, I discovered an exercise routine that I truly enjoyed, dancing! I dance for at least 30 minutes every day, it's fun and makes me happy to do it.

Another mistake that I made was not being consistent with my workouts. I used to workout sporadically, skipping days and not sticking to a routine. This made it difficult to see real progress and I ended up giving up. Now, I stick to a consistent routine that works for me, and I make sure to schedule my workouts just like I would with any other important task.

Finally, I used to deprive myself of the foods I loved, thinking that I couldn't indulge in anything while dieting. This made me miserable and I eventually ended up giving in and breaking my routine. Now, I allow myself to have treats in moderation and make sure that my overall diet is balanced.

These are just a few mistakes that I made when starting out, but I've learned that everyone's journey is different. By finding what works for me and being consistent, I'm able to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine that works for me.


Hi everyone,

One big mistake I made when starting a diet and exercise routine was not seeking help and support from others. I thought I could do everything on my own and didn't want to burden anyone. However, this made my journey harder than it needed to be. I've now learned that having a support system can make all the difference. I joined a fitness group and found an accountability partner who helps me stay on track and provides me with that extra motivation.

Another mistake I made was not allowing myself to rest and recover. I jumped right into an intense exercise routine without any breaks, which led to burnout and even injury. Now, I make sure to take at least one rest day per week and listen to my body when it needs a break. I also incorporate yoga and stretching into my routine to help with recovery and prevent injury.

Lastly, I used to be too hard on myself when I didn't meet my goals or slipped up on my diet. This negative self-talk wasn't helping me reach my goals and was even harming my mental health. I've now learned to be kinder to myself and celebrate even the small victories. This positive mindset has made a huge difference in my journey.

I hope these tips help someone starting out on their journey. Remember, it's a process and everyone's journey is unique.

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