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What are some good ways to work out without causing knee pain?

Hello, everyone. I am a 35-year-old woman who loves to work out, but for the past few months I have been experiencing knee pain whenever I try to exercise. I have been to the doctor and ruled out any serious injuries or conditions, so the pain is most likely due to overuse or strain. I really don't want to give up working out altogether, so I was wondering what are some good ways to work out without causing knee pain? I typically do cardio and strength training at the gym, but I am open to trying new exercises or routines if it means avoiding knee pain. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hey there! I experienced knee pain too and what really helped me was doing some low-impact, high-intensity workouts which focused on upper body strength to keep my heart rate up. Some examples include boxing, rowing, and the elliptical machine. Another great option is water aerobics which takes the pressure off of your joints. I also found that incorporating resistance training and stretching exercises helped a lot in building up strength in my legs and reducing any stiffness that could lead to pain. Lastly, I took some time off heavy exercises to allow my body to heal before resuming my normal workout routine. This really helped me get back to exercising without any knee pain. I hope that helps!


Hi there! Knee pain can be a real struggle, and I've been there too. One thing that really helped me was trying low-impact exercise classes like Zumba, which gave me good results without putting a lot of pressure on my knees. Yoga and Pilates helped me in strengthening my leg muscles and improving flexibility, which reduced the knee pain significantly. I also started incorporating balance exercises like standing on one leg, as they help strengthen the muscles around the knee. Additionally, investing in proper workout shoes with good support and cushioning also helped a lot. Lastly, I made sure to drink plenty of water before and during my workout to keep my joints lubricated and prevent stiffness. Hope you find these tips useful!


Hi there! I had the same issue with knee pain when I was working out, and I found that switching from high-impact exercises like running to low-impact routines like swimming or biking really helped alleviate the pain. I also started incorporating more stretching and foam rolling into my routine to help keep my muscles loose and prevent any stiffness that might contribute to knee pain. Additionally, I started wearing shoes with better support and investing in knee braces to wear during my workouts. These small changes made a huge difference in my ability to work out pain-free. I hope this helps!


Hello! I too struggled with knee pain during exercise, and I found that using resistance bands and focusing on low-impact exercises that increase strength in the hips and thighs helped alleviate the pain. I also added more variety to my workouts to reduce overexerting the same muscles repetitively, such as incorporating yoga and Pilates. Additionally, I changed up my running technique to reduce the stress on my knees - shorter strides and taking my time to increase distance. Finally, I always make sure to warm up properly before exercising, and I added in a cool-down period to gradually lower my heart rate and help my muscles relax. These changes made a huge difference, and I am now able to exercise without any knee pain. I hope this helps!


Hello everyone! I had a similar problem with knee pain, and it was only after consulting with a physiotherapist that I realized my knee pain was due to bad form. So, make sure to maintain good form while doing any exercise, especially squats and lunges, as improper form puts unnecessary strain on your knees. Starting with a comfortable range of motion and gradually increasing helped me get back to working out without any pain. Another thing that helped me was doing exercises to strengthen my inner thighs as it helped to stabilize my knee. Yoga poses like Warrior II and Crescent pose were helpful too. Lastly, avoiding running or jumping exercises and incorporating strength training and low-impact cardio exercises such as cycling or swimming can make a big difference. Hope it helps!

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