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What's the best way to track progress, weight loss, or body measurements?

Hi everyone,

I've recently begun my weight loss journey, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to track my progress. I've already started making dietary changes and incorporating exercise, but I want to have a clear understanding of how these changes are impacting my body.

I'm unsure if I should be tracking my weight, body measurements, or both. Additionally, I'm not sure what tools or apps I should be using to track these metrics accurately.

If anyone has any recommendations or tips, please share! I want to ensure I'm tracking my progress effectively so I can continue to stay motivated and on track with my weight loss goals.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hello, all! I'm in the process of losing weight and have found that using both weight and body measurements to track my progress has been helpful. I use a digital scale and body tape to measure my weight and different body parts respectively.

Apart from the digital scale and body tape, I also keep track of my macronutrient intake and water intake in a food logging app. This helps me maintain a calorie deficit and ensures that I'm getting the right nutrients at the same time.

Tracking my progress has been made easier with the use of a smartwatch that monitors my daily activity levels. It not only tracks my steps but my active minutes as well. This has been an excellent motivator for me to increase my activity levels and complete daily fitness goals.

In addition to tracking the metrics mentioned above, I also keep an eye on how my clothes are fitting me. This can be a great indicator of progress, especially if you're putting on muscle mass at the same time.

Overall, I believe that tracking your progress using multiple metrics can help provide a complete picture of your journey towards reaching your weight loss goals.


Hi everyone! I've found that tracking progress by body measurements alone is a great way to understand the changes happening in your body. While it's perfectly fine to track your weight as well, body measurements can help you see changes that may not show up on the scale.

I find it helpful to measure my waist, hips, and thighs every two weeks. I then record these measurements in a notebook and use a chart to track my progress over time. It's important to remember that these measurements will fluctuate and that's perfectly normal. However, by tracking them consistently you can see trends and overall progress.

I also want to note that taking progress pictures can be a great way to see changes in your body. Sometimes changes are gradual and it can be hard to see them happening day by day. However, by taking a picture every couple of weeks, you can more easily see progress over time.

Lastly, I recommend focusing on non-scale victories as well. Making lifestyle changes and feeling better overall is a huge accomplishment and should be celebrated just as much (if not more) than numeric progress. Hope this helps!


Hi there! I completely understand how overwhelming it can feel when you're starting your weight loss journey and trying to figure out the best way to track your progress. In my experience, tracking both weight and body measurements has been really helpful for providing a more holistic view of my progress.

For weight tracking, I like to use a digital scale that connects to an app on my phone. This way, I can easily track my weight over time and see any trends or changes. I also like to weigh myself at the same time each day, typically first thing in the morning, to ensure consistency.

In terms of body measurements, I've found it helpful to measure my waist, hips, thighs, and arms. I use a fabric tape measure and record my measurements in a notes app on my phone. I typically measure these once per week.

Overall, I would say consistency is the key to effective progress tracking. Find a routine that works for you and stick with it!


Hey everyone,

I have been on a weight loss journey for quite some time, and I want to share my experience in tracking progress. For me, the best way to track progress is by leveraging biometric data, such as body composition analysis, muscle mass, fat mass, and visceral fat, without relying on weight alone.

I use a smart scale that provides me with body composition analysis, and it has been a game-changer because the metrics it provides are more accurate than just weighing yourself on a traditional scale. The smart scale makes it easy to track changes in body composition regularly, which in return helps me adjust my diet and training routine accordingly.

In my opinion, tracking progress through biometric data is precise and provides me with a more significant sense of satisfaction because it reveals the unseen progress we make. I highly recommend this way of tracking progress to anyone struggling to see results using traditional scales or measurements.

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