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Reasons You Are Not Seeing Workout Results

Working out can be fun (for some people) because you like the adrenaline rush and the fact that you keep your body fit and stronger. Some people may not like the gym but still, go because they want to lose weight and look good. While working out, you want to see the results as soon as possible. That usually doesn’t happen because the body takes time to get used to the fact that you are entering a room with instruments used to tear your muscles and break you down.

It also depends on what goals you have set to lose weight; if you put unrealistic goals to achieve a desired weight or physique, there is a high chance that you may not achieve it. And when you see that you aren’t getting any closer to the goal you set, you tend to lose interest in working out and start regressing from your routine.

Let’s look at this in detail:

Not Warming Up

You feel excited and skip the warming-up part and get straight to the workouts; however, if you skip the warm-up, your body will probably get some exercise done while it’s still adjusting to all the new movements. Still, it will also wear you down quicker than usual, cutting down your gym time.

Warm-up is done to activate your body and have the muscles prepared for workouts.

Goals Could Be Too Vague

If you work too hard in your gym and don’t see any results, it’s probably because you haven’t set your goals right. It is possible that it could be far-fetched, leading you to regress from your routine.

For example, if your goal is to become slim and strong, then you need to know how much you need to work out or how you would define slim and strong and accordingly work out.

Setting Unrealistic Goals

You can’t do fifty pushups on the first day. You won’t see the gym the next day. Setting unrealistic goals like running on a treadmill for 2 hours or fifty pushups on the first day will get you nowhere. Why? Because firstly, the body is getting used to new exercises and changes, and secondly, if you push beyond your limit, your body will get sore and won’t respond to the next set of workouts for the next day.

It’s important to start slow and get your body accustomed to exercises, then strength-trains your body.

Not Structuring Your Workouts Correctly

Not structuring your workouts right also causes a problem in seeing results. The required training depends on your fitness level and how much you work out in a week.

Mobility is the key to every workout, and if you are not mobile, you won’t be able to work out properly, and you won’t get the desired result.

Not Monitoring Progress

Keeping big goals and not setting enough periods to see the progress, then you won’t see much because there is a chance you aren’t doing it right. In expectation and complete focus on losing weight, you tend to ignore the intensity of the workout to get the desired goal.

Instead, you can set smaller goals and work accordingly to them. Doing this will help in boosting confidence and motivation, and you will also see results.

Only Cardio

While cardio is important, it’s a part of a workout and can’t be considered the only workout. Initially, you can do only cardio to get your body accustomed to change, but after a while, you will need to try different workouts like lifting weights, strength training, and HIIT.


Along with workouts, diet is important as well. You need to have a properly constructed diet to lose or gain weight. Eating too much or too less can also harm you physically and nutrition-wise. So, it’s important to consume food according to the need of your workout to keep you healthy. And when it comes to diet, you need to eat healthily and steer clear of junk food like cookies, chips, and fried and oily foods. A bad diet and continuous workouts will not get you anywhere.


With all the muscle ripping and cardio you do, you will also need rest. That means structuring your workout in a way that helps your body get rest. When you rest, your body will have the energy to work out again. But if you lack rest and continuous burning, you are less likely to see any results. Adults need at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night to burn calories.

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Working out is good, but pushing it beyond your limit is bad, especially if you aren’t doing it right. If you are working out consistently but with a vague goal or unstructured routine and diet, not only will you not see results, but there is a possibility that you could fall sick or hurt. It’s important to have the right routine, rest, and diet for your body to be at its best.

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