Sweet Treats That are Good to Eat

Sweet Treats That are Good to Eat

Who doesn’t love sweet treats? Especially chewy brownies with melted chocolate oozing out of them. Or a creamy cheesecake pastry that melts in your mouth with one bite? Tempting. However, it may pop into your head that a small pastry or a brownie can contain so many calories that are not good for your health if eaten regularly. Isn’t that why such pastries are called sinful?

If you have a sweet tooth and want to eat healthy, too, here are a few healthy, mouthwatering treats that satisfy your sugar urges.

Dates with Nut Butter

This is one sweet surprise. It’s chewy like chocolates and nougat together, but a healthier version. Just slit dates in between and add any nut butter of your choice (peanut, almond, etc.), and maybe add a dash of crushed nuts on top. It would taste really good if frozen for a while to get a chewy texture.

Cinnamon Popcorn

Bring a twist to this snack with a drizzle of sugar and cinnamon. 1tsp of sugar and 1/4th tsp of cinnamon should do the trick to bring a delightful taste to the dish. Cinnamon is widely known for its various health benefits and medicinal properties. Popcorn is highly fibrous and is good for health. It also has high levels of antioxidants which are good for the body.

Coconut and Raspberry Smoothie

This fruit drink is loaded with fiber, healthy fats, and protein! As raspberries are sweet naturally, they contain low sugar but are also high in fiber, making them the perfect drink on a hot summer day or even a part of your workout diet. Just pop in some raspberry slices and shaved coconut and enjoy your drink.

Fruit Puree Popsicles

Fruit puree popsicles are the best desserts that everyone can enjoy! It’s even fun to make! These popsicles are amazing alternatives to high-fat ice creams. You can use any berry of your choice or even mix them up. It will still taste good.

Kefir Parfait

Kefir Parfait is one of the best sweet treats you can have, and it is super healthy. Add three tablespoons of kefir, some nuts or walnuts, and a cup of mixed fruits, and top it off with some coconut flakes. This dessert contains probiotics, minerals, healthy fats, protein, and vitamins. It’s also considered a whole food.

Banana Dipped in Melted Chocolate

These pop treats are so yum that you can’t get enough of them. Slice the banana into circular shapes, stick a toothpick, and dip them into dark chocolate. Next, crush some nuts. It could be almonds, cashews, or even pistachios. Roll the chocolate-covered bananas over the nuts and freeze them for a few hours. You can have them at any time of the day!

Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is the best you can have to satiate your sweet tooth. The best thing about this dish is that it can be eaten for breakfast or dessert. To make it a bit sweet, you can drizzle some honey or maple syrup on top. Chia is known for many health benefits like decreasing the risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, and high levels of fiber.

Apple with Almond Butter

This snack can be made in minutes. You’ll need an apple, some almond butter, and any topping like fruits or nuts. This dish is high in protein and fibers, and healthy fats.

Pear with Cottage Cheese

Pears have high soluble fiber pectins, which help reduce bad cholesterol. It’s a very simple dessert to make. Just slice the pear in half and scoop the fruit from the middle. Then add cottage cheese and drizzle it with maple syrup, honey, or crushed nuts.

Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are the best munching snacks you can have, and you can make them in two variations, the spicy one and the sweet one. For sweet roasted chickpeas, you can roast or bake them in cinnamon or maple syrup for a sweet crunch in every bite.

Watermelon, Strawberry, and Mozzarella

This is an amazing combo of sweet and salty, and cheesy. You will be surprised by the interesting flavors you’ll taste with every bite. Plus, it’s healthy! It’s great as an appetizer or breakfast, and for a fresher burst of flavor, you can add basil or mint.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are known to be rich in vitamins and minerals, help increase blood platelets and white blood cells (increasing the ability to heal wounds), and are great for the immunity system. Pumpkin seeds generally are very good for health and contain good amounts of healthy fats, but imagine these seeds roasted all sweet and spicy. This snack is sweet and savory, and you’ll probably not be able to get enough of these seeds either.

Healthy Overnight Oats

Freezing oats in milk overnight and drizzling the dish with honey and berries is a great dessert pudding and a great way to start the day. Oats are high in fibers and reduce cholesterol. This dish doesn’t take much time to make. Just soak the oats in milk overnight and have it in the morning or as dessert.

Bottom Line

Don’t starve your sweet tooth because you’re worried about your weight or health, there are so many healthy sweet snacks and dishes that satiate your hunger for a sugar rush, and what’s best, it’s all healthy. So, there you go, enjoy sweet dishes and take care of your health! Who said you couldn’t have the best of both worlds!

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What can I eat instead of cake?

You can eat many things instead of cake, like fruits and nut butter, dry fruits, seeds, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and banana ice cream.

What kills sugar cravings?

Protein consumption helps curb sugar cravings and keeps your blood sugar levels on track. Protein-rich meals can reduce spikes in blood sugar levels.

Why do I crave sugar at night? 

The body has a way of burning different kinds of food during different times of the day. The body’s circadian system starts increasing cravings for something sweet or salty foods. Eating anything starchy or sugary in the evening wouldn’t be best, especially if you are working towards losing weight.

What’s a healthy midnight snack?

A healthy midnight snack would be whole foods like berries, oatmeal, kiwis, yogurt, or maybe eggs should also help. These kinds of food contain sleep-supporting compounds, including tryptophan, serotonin, melatonin, magnesium, and calcium.

What foods can you eat unlimited?

You can eat foods like blueberries, celery, cucumbers, broccoli, grapefruits, tomatoes, oranges, and cauliflowers.

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